Home Security in North Little Rock, AR

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Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Home with Your Mobile Devices

If you want to improve your security at home, it’s easy to do so with a high-quality security system! You can trust 7 Smart Security to provide top-notch home security in Little Rock, AR and the surrounding area. We offer homeowners home security alarm system services from Alarm.Com. You can’t get better than that. We offer the best in the market with exceptional quality and protection with each security system. While you are at work, have peace of mind knowing your home is locked and secure. 7 Smart Security ensures that you have complete control over the safety and security of your home. Get started today. Give us a call at 501-860-6767 for home security in Little Rock, AR.

Home Protection with 7 Smart Security

Maintain the safety and security of your home and family with alarm monitoring and home security services that we offer through Alarm.com. With our cutting-edge-technology, 7 Smart Security is the largest growing provider of security solutions in the state of Arkansas. You can feel safer knowing that your home is protected 24/7 while connected to our alarm monitoring center.

What We Offer

  • Home Security We know that it’s important for you to feel safe and secure in your home.
  • Safety Monitoring Avoid threats to your home through safety monitoring in addition to your alarm monitoring services.
  • Smart Home Automation With automating services, Alarm.com will keep you close to home no matter where you are.
  • Commercial Fire Alarms Protect your business and customers with quality fire alarm equipment


Home Security

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Protect Your Home and Family with Smart Security Services

We offer many choices for a home security alarm system. We understand that when it comes to protecting your home, family, and possessions you need the highest quality security available. 7 Smart Security has been protecting people’s homes since 2006 and is quickly becoming the number 1 choice in Arkansas. You can trust that we are taking care of your home with 24/7 alarm monitoring and advanced technology.

Finding the best home security alarm system is easy when you get it with 7 Smart Security. We offer several options for plans of service so you can find the one that is best for you and your home. We recognize that every home is different. That’s why our team of security specialists will help to customize a security plan that is fitting to your home. Contact us today at 501-860-6767 to get started on a home security system for your home in North Little Rock, AR.

Home Security

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Keep an Eye on Your Home with Security Cameras

Protect your home and possessions with our top rated home security systems. A home security system will ensure safety and security for your home. You can have a peace of mind when you are away from your home knowing it is operating 24/7 maintaining your home’s security. Our #1 priority is ensuring the safety and security of your home with our high quality security equipment and 24/7 alarm monitoring through Alarm.com. In an emergency you will receive immediate assistance from one of our home security alarm system specialists. We are always ready to assist you. When you get a home security alarm system from 7 Smart Security, you have several options available to you:

  • Alarm Monitoring We provide 24/7 alarm monitoring for our customers through Alarm.com.
  • Motion Sensors Pet-sensitive motion detection monitors movement to alert you of any movement in your home while your alarm system is armed.
  • Remote Access Our Smart app allows you to be able to connect to your alarm system with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Security Cameras You can check on your home from any computer or mobile device using the smart app.

Home Safety

Home Safety Solutions

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Keep Your Belongings Safe with Home Security

Maintain the safety of your home with home safety monitoring 7 Smart Security. Our safety monitoring connects devices such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to your home security alarm system. This allows our customer monitoring center to track your home security devices and alert a security specialist in an emergency. When you sign up for safety monitoring, our team will be notified of fire, carbon monoxide, or flooding occurring in your home. We will send local emergency dispatch to your home in an emergency.

  • Fire Detection Did you know that hundreds of homes are lost to fires every year?
  • Carbon Monoxide CO poisoning is life threatening, but with our safety monitoring, you can ensure that your home is monitored all day and all night.
  • Temperature Changes Severe shift in temperature can be hard on your home.
  • Flood Monitoring Even the smallest leaks in your home can become a disaster in an instant.

Home Automation

Home Automation

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Check up on Your Home While on the Go!

7 Smart Security uses high quality security and home automation technology to allow you full control of your home and alarm system, even when you’re on the go. With our smart app, you can check-in on your home anytime, anywhere. You can also check activity history from our cameras and motion sensors, receive live notifications, check the status of door locks, and more. You can view system status, monitor activity at your property, watch live and recorded video, arm and disarm your system, set up user codes. Depending on whether or not your alarm system is armed, you can also set your doors to lock or unlock. Our home automation option allows you to have better control of your home security alarm system.

  • Door Locks Do you forget to lock your doors before you leave?
  • Lighting & Appliances Our smart outlets make it possible for you to connect lights and appliances to your home automation system.
  • Smart Thermostat Our smart thermostat prevents you from having to continually adjust the temperature settings,as well as saves energy and money on your monthly bill.