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What is Home Security Monitoring?

A centrally monitored system can protect your home from a wide range of potential dangers.

Alarm Monitoring for Your Home

Alarm systems are becoming a popular point of discussion for homeowners. They have been around for several decades now, but newer technology and innovations are making monitoring systems cheaper and readily available. But even with these new advancements, there are still many options on the market and it can be daunting to figure out which one will be best for you and your home. Before making a purchase, it’s important to understand how an alarm monitoring system works.  

How Alarm Monitoring Works

Alarm monitoring is not as convoluted as it may seem. The way it is best explained is that, alarm monitoring is a quick and detailed communication between installed security system and central security provider. To boil it down to the most basic terms, there are two options for an alarm system: centrally monitored and locally monitored.

Centrally monitored means a centrally located monitoring company is notified if a sensor is tripped while a live system is armed.

Locally monitored means that there is no central monitoring company, but usually lights and noises are installed to notify a homeowner of a sensor trip.

Technically speaking, every system is different, but the methodology is relatively similar across the board. The process for most centrally monitored alarm systems are as such:

  • There is a control panel. This panel is the the center of network sensors, including window/door sensors, motion detectors, tamper sensors, flood sensors, smoke sensors
  • When panel is armed and any sensors are activated or tripped, the central security provider will be notified, typically via telephone and landline.
  • Once they are notified they will contact you and the local authorities.

What is cellular alarm monitoring?

Thanks to new innovations, a lot of this can actually be done via cellular technology, since many homes are being built without landline connections. That does not make your alarm home monitoring system any less secure, though. Cellular alarm monitoring is a new standard in security monitoring. This system operates like any other alarm monitoring system. A cellular alarm system operates on dedicated cellular channel and wirelessly sends secure, encrypted transmissions to Monitoring Center in the case of an emergency. The system uses its own cell network so as a consumer, you don’t need to change or upgrade phone. And yes, you can do just about anything you need to do from your phone.

Cellular alarm monitoring systems have the option to remotely arm or disarm your system. With certain packages, you can also control the lighting and temperature of your home remotely.

7 Smart Security can help you install your security system and provides a wide range of options.

Alarm Monitoring Cost

Because of newer technology and advancements, alarm home monitoring systems can vary in price point. For an idea of base costs, we looked at centrally monitored systems, with a control panel and sensors. In general, those systems are the best because they offer a wide range of coverages and protection options.

Depending on level of security desired, homeowners can upfront costs between $200 and $1,500. After that, for a centrally monitored system, there are varying price-points for monthly packages. They can be as low as about $10 a month and all the way up to $100 a month. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you can afford and what level of coverage and protection you desire. It is important, when deciding on an alarm home monitoring system, to consider what all may be needed for installation. When you buy a home, the previous owners may have already had an alarm system, which means you just need to pick a monthly plan and pay for an activation fee. In other instances, you may be starting from scratch.

In that case, you’ll have to cover the cost for installing the control panel, the sensors, as well as the activation fees, and such. We know very well, those services can get add up and get expensive fast. That’s why when you work with full-service companies like 7 Smart Security, who offer a variety of home security systems in North Little Rock, AR options at competitive prices, you can see a decrease in some of those costs.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

There are several benefits to investing in an alarm system, such as:

  • Increases safety
  • Option for remote access
  • Insurance benefit
  • Peace of mind

Alarm monitoring systems can seem like a waste of money, but the best way to think of them is as preventative measures. Unfortunately, you do have to wait until after a storm to call someone for storm damage roof repair. With an alarm monitoring system, you don’t have to wait until after an attempted break-in or a gas leak to call someone. An alarm monitoring system is designed with the intent to protect homeowners from potential dangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for alarm monitoring?

Depending on what level of protection you desire for your home, you should expect to between $200 and $1,500 up front and between $10/month and $100/month for monthly package plans.

How does cellular alarm monitoring work?

A secure and dedicated cellular channel wirelessly transmits communication if a sensor is tripped while the security system is armed.

What is fire alarm monitoring?

This is a feature for many centrally monitored alarms that will notify the fire department if smoke is detected within your home.

What’s the best home monitoring system?

A centrally monitored system is one of the best alarm monitoring systems to get because they offer a variety of protection levels.

Is alarm monitoring worth it?

The bottom line is, yes an alarm monitoring system is worth it. A centrally monitored system can help protect your home from a variety of potential dangers, in many cases, for an affordable price.

With many new innovations, alarm systems can even utilize your cellphone and be operated remotely.

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