4 Advantages of Doorbell Cameras

Skybell Installed on Home

Technology continues to advance as we pass the half way point of 2017. While robbers are finding more careful ways to steal property from homes, 7 Smart Security is developing technology to deter them. One of the best ways to deter home robberies are with doorbell cameras. Below are 4 advantages of doorbell cameras.

Child Monitoring

Most parents have been in the situation where they’ve had to leave younger kids alone for a brief time. With a doorbell camera, you can rest a little bit easier knowing that if somebody shows up on your doorstep, you can immediately go back home or call the police. You will also ensure that your kids don’t try to leave the house.

Discouraging Robbers

Many robbers use the technique of ringing a traditional doorbell before they decide if they want to proceed with the home robbery. If nobody answers, and they don’t hear a dog react, they sense opportunity. A great new way to dissuade them is with a doorbell camera. Once the criminal notices the camera above them, they are very unlikely to stick around.

Package Delivery

Many homeowners want to know exactly when their package arrives. It may be something they need to immediately grab, or they just want to ensure the shipping price was worth it. Either way, doorbell cameras can show you the exact moment the package has arrived.

Screening Process

While criminals are the most important people to discourage from showing up on your doorstep, a doorbell camera has advantages beyond that. With the doorbell camera you can now screen each guest that approaches your door. If it happens to be an annoying salesperson that you’ve already rejected, you can choose to ignore them upon sight. Call 501-860-6767 for doorbell camera installation in Little Rock, AR.