Are glass break detectors effective?

A Glass Break Detector in House

Installing and Relying on Glass Break Detectors

When it comes to protecting your home, you want to be sure that you have everything you need. Most central alarm systems utilize motion detectors because of their tried and true reliability. Motion sensors, in general, are a great investment. They can be attached to floodlights for outside your home and installed inside for adequate protection. But there is one additional piece of equipment that can provide increased coverage and protection and that is a broken glass sensor. Glass break detectors are quality stand-alone investments or they can be added to an existing security system for increased protection. If you are curious to know more about glass break detector in North Little Rock, AR, contact 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767

Glass Break Detectors for Windows

How do glass break detectors work? These sensors work by using a microphone to listen for the specific acoustical frequencies of glass breaking. They can sense the sound of breaking plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated, and even sealed insulating glass. Glass break sensor’s are incredibly reliable and work well in conjunction with motion detectors in your home. 

Why would you need glass break sensors? A glass break detector is designed to trigger an alarm when glass is broken in your home. The detectors are armed as soon as you set your home security system and will actually stay active even after you disarm the system. Unlike motion detectors, they are not sensing movement. Instead, like we’ve explained, they listen for broken glass. If you have glass break detectors in your home, you can actually check to see if they are set up properly.

  • Test Mode: When you are testing your detectors, one of the most important things to remember is to put your sensors on test mode. Otherwise, you might accidentally set them off!
  • Audio: Once the sensors are in test mode, play audio from your phone or speaker system. There are several YouTube videos out there that play sounds that will mimic the sound of something hitting the glass as well as the glass breaking.
  • Success: If your sensors are adjusted properly, the sensors will send an alert back to your central alarm control panel indicating activation. Your sensors won’t go off because they are in test mode. 
  • Failure: If that alert doesn’t get to your control panel, that doesn’t mean your sensors are faulty. The sound sensitivity may just need to be adjusted or you may need to change the physical location of the sensors. 

Glass break detectors are a great investment and a great supplement for motion detectors. They can increase security within your home, providing a great sense of peace for you and your loved ones. For more information about a glass break detector in North Little Rock, AR, contact 7 Smart Security.

Technician Installing New Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Sensors vs. Motion Detectors

There is actually a big distinction between glass break sensors and motion detectors. Most homes can get away with motion detectors and maybe some can even get away with just glass break sensors. But overall, every home will benefit from a combination of the two. That’s because these two items supplement each other in different ways.

Motion detectors are designed to exactly what the name suggests. These sensors use infrared technology to detect movement. They are only operational when used in combination with an alarm system that will arm and disarm them. They can still trigger an alarm when broken glass occurs, but that is not because it picked up on the sound. That would be because the movement triggered the alarm.

Glass break detectors for windows use microphones to detect the acoustic frequency of glass breaking. They can be synced with an alarm system that will arm and disarm them. However, these sensors can often operate separately from an entire system. They can remain armed at all times, which will provide 24/7 protection for your home. Since they are not detecting motion, you don’t have to worry about setting them off during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you test a glass break sensor?
    • Set your sensors and alarm to test mode. Then, play an audio clip with the sound of glass breaking. If your sensors go off, they are working fine. If they don’t, that doesn’t mean they are faulty. They may just need the settings readjusted.
  • Is glass break sensor necessary?
    • Glass break sensors are not entirely necessary if you already have motion sensors, but they are incredibly useful. Since these sensors pick up on the actual frequency of broken glass, they can be useful if you don’t have motion sensors placed near certain windows. 
  • How do you adjust glass break sensor?
    • Make sure your sensor is disarmed for this. To increase the sensitivity, hold the TEST button for 10 seconds until the green light flashes. To decrease the sensitivity, remove the batteries and power the sensor down for 20-30 seconds, then replace them. 
  • What is the range of a glass break sensor?
    • Most glass break detectors can detect broken glass from about 20-25 feet away, at a full 360 degrees. The key to these detectors is finding one that has as wide a range as possible. This reduces your need for multiple detectors, since one can cover a few areas at a time.
An Alarm System That Can Be Synched With a Glass Break Detector

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