Are Glass Break Sensors Worth It?

broken glass window pane

Breaking and entering and broken glass

Sad to say, but it is becoming an increasingly scary world, and today, more homeowners are installing security systems. One feature of a home security system is glass break sensors; some packages come with those, and with others, it is an upgrade. What are glass break sensors anyway? 

Glass break sensors are used with electronic burglar alarms and detect when a glass pane has been broken. A standard fixture for retail stores with glass display windows, and homes, they are installed near glass doors. Why get glass break sensors? Glass break sensors provide additional security to a home security system. How? By deterring a burglar before they can do any additional damage. Glass break sensors are the final piece for a complete home security system.

Are glass break sensors necessary?

No, but they are helpful. Many homeowners feel that the motion sensors are sufficient, but with glass break sensors, the burglar is scared away as soon as they break the glass. With only motion detectors, they could have already busted out an expensive window, destroying window treatment, and more before the motion sensor picks any activity up. If you don’t have motion sensors placed near the windows, glass break sensors are a great bonus. 

Are glass break sensors effective?

Glass break sensors give burglars a difficult challenge breaking into your home because they are sound-based. When they detect breaking glass sounds, they set the alarm off. Of all the security sensors you can have installed in your home, this is the only one that is activated by sound.  The other security system sensors require movement before the alarm is tripped. 

Without glass break sensors, a burglar only needs to smash a window to gain access into your home. Yes, if your neighbors happen to be where they can hear the glass shattering, they could alert you or law enforcement, but what if a neighbor doesn’t hear that glass shattering? 

There are glass break sensors with a range of twenty feet in all directions. For a large room or a room with several windows, one glass break sensor can provide protection instead of several sensors at every door and window. 

Where do glass break sensors go? 

Typically, glass break sensors installation is within ten feet of each door and window that security coverage is required. The glass break sensors are ceilingmounted, where nothing is blocking the area between it, and the doors are windows. 

Will house alarm go off if window is broken? 

Glass break sensors have gained popularity with homeowners because burglars have gotten more sophisticated with the usual door and window sensors. Now, they know how to work around them, i.e., breaking the glass, then reaching in and unlocking a door or window, and the alarm would never get tripped. 

With glass break sensors incorporated with your home security system, when a burglar breaks or smashes a window, the frequency alerts the glass break sensor, which in turn alerts the alarm system.  There are 2 types of glass break sensors: acoustic sensors and shock sensors. 

  • The acoustic glass break sensors work when they hear glass breaking, creating a distinct frequency that triggers the alarm. This type provides coverage for doors and windows within a twenty-foot range. 
  • The shock glass break sensors are a device that feels the vibrations of glass shattering. These sensors have fewer false alarms, but you must have one attached to every door and window. 
replaced window pane

Can a dog bark set off glass break sensors?

The alarm industry’s biggest seller is motion detector sensors, which is great for most businesses and homes. Where they are challenging is in a home with pets. Because motion sensors are designed to sense the movement of a warm body, when the cat or dog is walking by, it will often set the alarm off. 

The alarm-system specialist you choose will ask about pets in your home, including their size and type, and what their habits are during the day and at night. There are motion detectors that can be set for pet-friendly movement, but a big enough dog could be the same as a human. 

Glass break sensors are another type that can be activated by a pet, or something as simple as dropping a glass on the floor.  A home with little sound absorption like carpeting is more likely to have false alarms with glass break sensors because of the certain decibel they pick up. There is a certain level of dog barks that can set glass break sensors, especially in a home with ceramic or wood flooring that creates an echo. 

Sadly, the world has come to a time that we feel we must have every level of security in our homes today. Gone are the days where we left doors unlocked without fear or worry. Fortunately, we have access to a security system that comes with or without glass break sensors that can alert us when there is an intruder. Along with common sense and the assistance of local law enforcement, our homes can be safe and give us that peace of mind. Looking for glass break sensors for your home in North Little Rock, AR? Call 501-860-6767 today.