Hot Springs Village, AR Home Security

Everyone should have peace of mind knowing that their home, possessions, and family members are secure. When you sign up for home security with 7 Smart Security, you are receiving excellent service in installation, customer care, security monitoring and much more! If you require home security in Hot Springs Village, AR, contact our home security experts at 501-860-6767 We offer several security packages so you can get a system that suits you and your home.

Home Security Services

Technicians at an Alarm Monitoring Center

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Keeps Your Home Protected

If you need trustworthy, dependable security services for your home, we have what you require! Keep your property protected with around the clock monitoring to catch irregular activity while the alarm is engaged. With the smartphone app, you will be able to gain access to controls and security cameras in your home from your smartphone! We provide several security packages that include different types of equipment depending on the security measures you are wanting to add to your house.

  • Alarm Monitoring Ongoingsecurity monitoring will keep your property safe from health hazards and break ins
  • Cellular Monitoring Get CellGuard technology for your home security system
  • Home Alarm App Connect to your home security system with the app from
  • Security Packages We offer a variety of services and equipment features in our security plans

For more details about our Hot Springs Village, AR home security services and installation, contact our team of security professionals today. Sleep better knowing that your property is secure with 24/7 security monitoring. To get started with one of our security plans and installation, call 501-860-6767.

Home Security Equipment

Keep your home protected with the latest equipment from top home alarm system manufacturers. These security systems are wireless for improved connection and integration with mobile devices. The app allows you to track any unexpected activity in your home. Learn more about the equipment we provide with information here on our website:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors Protect your family from the invisible threat of carbon monoxide
  • Door & Window Alarms Get an alert anytime a door or window is opened unexpectedly
  • Glass Break Sensors Glass break sensors will trigger the alarm while it is armed and alert the security monitoring center
  • Motion Sensors Motion sensors will pick up on motion while the alarm is armed to notify you of activity
  • Security Cameras Check on your property using any mobile device with the security app
  • Security Control Panels The control panels can include touchscreens, two-way voice, and more!
  • Skybell Doorbell Camera Skybell includes a doorbell, video camera, motion detector AND two way voice!
  • Smart Door Locks Lock and unlock doors from your phone and get alerts when your door is unlocked
  • Smoke Detectors When a smoke detector is triggered it will send notifications to the alarm monitoring center and your mobile devices

Want to install security equipment in your Hot Springs Village, AR home? Give us a call at 501-860-6767 to set up installation services with one of our service technicians. Our technicians can come out for fast installation to get your home protected in no time.

Home Automation

security app from

View Updates and Control Your Home Security Via the App

Increase security measures in your house with smart home automation devices. Home automation gives you access your home from any mobile device to unlock doors, turn off lights, and more. This integration gives you access to your house no matter how far away you are from home. Check out the home automation features we offer:

  • Energy Monitoring Keep your home energy efficient with automatic energy monitoring
  • Smart Garage Door Opener Get notifications when the garage door is left open and close it through the app
  • Smart Lights Schedule lights to come on or turn off at certain times or motion triggers
  • Smart Thermostats These thermostats will keep your house at the right temperature without wasting energy
  • Water Sensors Stop flooding in your home with moisture sensors and automatic water shut off

Keeping your house and family safe is important. Which is why we provide reliable security services in your neighborhood. We have been serving the Hot Springs Village, AR area for over ten years! If you are looking for reliable, affordable services from a local security company, call us today at 501-860-6767 to get started!