Lonoke, AR Home Security

Everyone should have peace of mind with the knowledge that their house, possessions, and family members are protected. When you sign up for home security with 7 Smart Security, you are receiving excellent service in installation, customer care, alarm monitoring and much more! If you need home security in Lonoke, AR, contact our home security professionals at 501-860-6767 Our security plans provide different types of security equipment so you can sign up for a plan based on the services you need most.

Home Security Services

Technicians at an Alarm Monitoring Center

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Keeps Your Home Protected

If you need trustworthy, dependable security services for your house, we have what you require! With our monitoring services your property will be defended day and night from unexpected activity. Paired with security cameras, the Alarm.com app will allow you to check in on your property and receive notifications of activity. There are a variety of security plans for you to pick from depending on whether you want to focus on the basics, get access from your mobile devices, or install security cameras.

  • Alarm Monitoring Around-the-clock alarm monitoring keeps your property protected from potential robbery
  • Cellular Monitoring Update your security system with CellGuard technology and two way voice
  • Home Alarm App Track activity on your property with a mobile app
  • Security Packages We offer a variety of services and equipment features in our security plans

If you’d like to get more specifications or sign up for home alarm services in Lonoke, AR, get in touch with 7 Smart Security now. You’ll be safe knowing that your home is guarded day and night with our security monitoring program. Call us today at 501-860-6767 to get started on your home alarm system and schedule equipment installation.

Home Security Equipment

Keeping your home secure requires top of the line equipment that works with the latest technology. We provide wireless equipment with the ability to connect in via your phone. Using the mobile app, you can get notifications and recordings of suspicious activity on your property. Take a look at the security equipment that we offer for installation:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors CO Detectors safeguard your from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Door & Window Alarms Window and Door alarms trigger notifications of unexpected entry into your house.
  • Glass Break Sensors Glass break sensors will trigger the alarm while it is armed and alert the security monitoring center
  • Motion Sensors Motion sensors will pick up on motion while the alarm is armed to notify you of activity
  • Security Cameras Record footage or watch activity live with access from any of your mobile devices
  • Security Control Panels These controls panels use up-to-date technology with easy to use interfaces
  • Skybell Doorbell Camera Skybell includes a doorbell, video camera, motion detector AND two way voice!
  • Smart Door Locks Make sure your doors are locked while you are away with smartphone app access
  • Smoke Detectors When a smoke detector is triggered it will send notifications to the alarm monitoring center and your mobile devices

Need security equipment in Lonoke, AR installed in your home? Give us a call at 501-860-6767 to set up installation services with one of our service technicians. We’ll have your home security system up fast to keep your home secured.

Home Automation

security app from alarm.com

View Updates and Control Your Home Security Via the App

Add more control and access to your home on the go with smart home automation. This gives you the ability to control the security system, lights, and appliances all from your smartphone or computer. You’ll be able to view activity, receive notifications, and access your home no matter where you are. Get more information about smart automation here:

  • Energy Monitoring Keep your home energy efficient with automatic energy monitoring
  • Smart Garage Door Opener Use geolocation to open or close your garage door when you leave or return home
  • Smart Lights Set lights to turn on and off at certain times or even control them from the mobile app
  • Smart Thermostats Smart schedules with automated temperature settings keep your home comfortable when needed most
  • Water Sensors Keep your home protected from water leaks or pipe breaks with moisture sensors and automation water shutoff

Keeping your property and family secure is important. Which is why we offer reliable security services in your neighborhood. 7 Smart Security has been serving the Lonoke, AR area since 2006. Call 501-860-6767 to get started on a home security plan from an honest and dependable source!