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Are Home Energy Monitors Good?

lightbulb and calculator

What makes electric bill high?

Ah, the age old question and the answer is, everyone, everything, all the time. If you really want to pinpoint the culprit(s) that are using the electricity, a home energy monitor can help. Home energy monitoring and savings is something more and more homeowners are interested today in order to save money. 

What is a home energy monitor? Back in the day, I had personalized home energy monitors. It would be my dad standing there to make sure I turned out the light before I left the room. Or my mom telling me to shut the door to refrigerator with stern advice “You’re letting the cold out.” 

Today, there is a more technical way home energy monitoring works, and it is less annoying than mom and dad harping. The systems used today even track your home’s energy consumption by appliance! Even better, you can have a home energy monitor system connected to your smartphone for Instant reports and updates on the energy your home is using. 

Why invest in a home energy monitor? To help you know what appliance (or person) is using the most energy in your home by providing useful data. That data will help you track how the energy is being used daily, weekly, even monthly. You’ll see where the behavior is the highest, then you can determine the practice that is causing the energy consumption. 

How can I monitor my energy usage?

You probably want to monitor the energy usage in your home so you can find where you can cut back or even totally remove, right?  Monitoring home energy consumption hasn’t always been easy until recent years. Now that we look back, we could have cut the trip short, but we’re there now, so let’s learn How to save with a home energy monitor! 

There are several types of eco-friendly and green solutions on the market today that can you learn where to conserve the energy and save your money. The home energy monitor systems have proven to be the best, but there are other options available too. It comes down to how much do you want to spend on this endeavor and how tech-savvy you are. Here are some to consider: 

  • Smart Meter: This is installed by the power company and you don’t have any say about whether it is installed or not. Some operate wireless others work through power line signal, showing the amount of electricity the entire house is using. 
  • Smart Outlets and Plugs: These are single-appliance control devices that monitor energy usage for the item plugged into it, but not all of these smart outlets track energy usage. The purpose of these is to control the device by set schedules. They plug into any outlet, any appliance runs on them, and you can program them, so the appliance turns off and on as needed to save energy. 
  • Smart Energy Apps:  Less expensive than a home energy monitoring system, but not reliable for accurate data.  

How accurate are energy monitors?

If a home energy monitor is measuring only apparent power, it won’t be as accurate at low levels of consumption. Whole home energy monitors do not work out the power consumption as well as the individual devices.  The whole home energy monitor covers all devices, even those that aren’t plugged in. So, alarm systems, central heat pump and controller, anything directly wired is counted into the reading.

Some suggest measuring your home’s overall consumption with certain devices turned on, and then measure your home’s overall consumption again with certain devices turned off. Many find that process to be a hassle more than it is helpful. it again with it switched off, which can be problematic.

What is using power in my house?

Every home has them – energy vampires. The comforts we enjoy today cost, including the air conditioning, phone charges, and the refrigerator. Those three things, and if you have an electric water heater are the third-largest uses of energy in this country. Here is a list of the main energy vampires in your home: 

  1. Cooling and heating: 47% energy
  2. Electric water heater: 14% energy
  3. Clothes Dryer and Washer: 13% energy
  4. Lights: 12% energy

From here, the list of things use minimal energy, but if you have more than one, like televisions and cable boxes, and computers (like my house has 2 computers, 2 televisions, each with a satellite box). 

  1. Refrigerator: 4% energy 
  2. Electric oven: 4% energy
  3. TV, cable box: 3% energy
  4. Dishwasher: 2% energy
  5. Computer: 1% energy

You can turn off some of the vampires, like the computers, modem, router, and printer. Turn off the cable or satellite boxes and gaming consoles. Some of these still suck up energy when they are off but plugged in, unplug as much as you can. Yes, you’ll need to deal with flashing or unset clocks, but you’ll be saving money.

turning down temp to keep energy cost low

What is the best home energy monitor?

Neurio and Sense are two of the leading brands in home energy monitors. The basics are the same, but they both have distinct characteristics you should consider when comparing the two products. 

  • Both are  circuit breaker installed attaching transformers to the power lines. 
  • Sense brand as the standard feature of recognizing appliances. So, the more you use it, the more it will learn your household. 
  • Neurio has an upgrade that almost matches this feature. 
  • Neurio has a unique feature where you control and monitor the distributed storage systems.
  • Neurio is more energy efficient with its combination of battery and solar power, giving you a 30% ROI. 

Which ever home energy monitor system you choose, you’re sure to save money each month on your energy bills. You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint. Get started today by calling 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767!

Are Glass Break Sensors Worth It?

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Breaking and entering and broken glass

Sad to say, but it is becoming an increasingly scary world, and today, more homeowners are installing security systems. One feature of a home security system is glass break sensors; some packages come with those, and with others, it is an upgrade. What are glass break sensors anyway? 

Glass break sensors are used with electronic burglar alarms and detect when a glass pane has been broken. A standard fixture for retail stores with glass display windows, and homes, they are installed near glass doors. Why get glass break sensors? Glass break sensors provide additional security to a home security system. How? By deterring a burglar before they can do any additional damage. Glass break sensors are the final piece for a complete home security system.

Are glass break sensors necessary?

No, but they are helpful. Many homeowners feel that the motion sensors are sufficient, but with glass break sensors, the burglar is scared away as soon as they break the glass. With only motion detectors, they could have already busted out an expensive window, destroying window treatment, and more before the motion sensor picks any activity up. If you don’t have motion sensors placed near the windows, glass break sensors are a great bonus. 

Are glass break sensors effective?

Glass break sensors give burglars a difficult challenge breaking into your home because they are sound-based. When they detect breaking glass sounds, they set the alarm off. Of all the security sensors you can have installed in your home, this is the only one that is activated by sound.  The other security system sensors require movement before the alarm is tripped. 

Without glass break sensors, a burglar only needs to smash a window to gain access into your home. Yes, if your neighbors happen to be where they can hear the glass shattering, they could alert you or law enforcement, but what if a neighbor doesn’t hear that glass shattering? 

There are glass break sensors with a range of twenty feet in all directions. For a large room or a room with several windows, one glass break sensor can provide protection instead of several sensors at every door and window. 

Where do glass break sensors go? 

Typically, glass break sensors installation is within ten feet of each door and window that security coverage is required. The glass break sensors are ceilingmounted, where nothing is blocking the area between it, and the doors are windows. 

Will house alarm go off if window is broken? 

Glass break sensors have gained popularity with homeowners because burglars have gotten more sophisticated with the usual door and window sensors. Now, they know how to work around them, i.e., breaking the glass, then reaching in and unlocking a door or window, and the alarm would never get tripped. 

With glass break sensors incorporated with your home security system, when a burglar breaks or smashes a window, the frequency alerts the glass break sensor, which in turn alerts the alarm system.  There are 2 types of glass break sensors: acoustic sensors and shock sensors. 

  • The acoustic glass break sensors work when they hear glass breaking, creating a distinct frequency that triggers the alarm. This type provides coverage for doors and windows within a twenty-foot range. 
  • The shock glass break sensors are a device that feels the vibrations of glass shattering. These sensors have fewer false alarms, but you must have one attached to every door and window. 
replaced window pane

Can a dog bark set off glass break sensors?

The alarm industry’s biggest seller is motion detector sensors, which is great for most businesses and homes. Where they are challenging is in a home with pets. Because motion sensors are designed to sense the movement of a warm body, when the cat or dog is walking by, it will often set the alarm off. 

The alarm-system specialist you choose will ask about pets in your home, including their size and type, and what their habits are during the day and at night. There are motion detectors that can be set for pet-friendly movement, but a big enough dog could be the same as a human. 

Glass break sensors are another type that can be activated by a pet, or something as simple as dropping a glass on the floor.  A home with little sound absorption like carpeting is more likely to have false alarms with glass break sensors because of the certain decibel they pick up. There is a certain level of dog barks that can set glass break sensors, especially in a home with ceramic or wood flooring that creates an echo. 

Sadly, the world has come to a time that we feel we must have every level of security in our homes today. Gone are the days where we left doors unlocked without fear or worry. Fortunately, we have access to a security system that comes with or without glass break sensors that can alert us when there is an intruder. Along with common sense and the assistance of local law enforcement, our homes can be safe and give us that peace of mind. Looking for glass break sensors for your home in North Little Rock, AR? Call 501-860-6767 today.

What’s the Best Security System for a Business?

commercial security system

What’s the Best Security System for a Business?

Are you wondering what the best commercial security system is for your business? If so, you have come to the right place. It is important to protect your business with security systems because your inventory and your property are your principal investment. There are a number of different business security systems available on the market in 2020. Simplisafe, Vivint, ADT, Frontpoint, and Lorex top the list of great security systems. There are small differences between each of these security systems, so it will be important to do your research beforehand.

What are the Two Types of Commercial Security?

There are two main categories for commercial security. These two categories are for fire and for security. In many cases, fire and security can be very integrated. Both fire and security can be monitored from a central control point. There are features of both security systems that can overlap.

What are the Top 5 Security Systems?

The top five security systems are worthy of note. If you would like to discover more, please review the following list of security systems.

  • ADT
  • Vivint
  • Frontpoint
  • Simplisafe
  • Protect America

Can ADT be Hacked?

If you are wondering whether ADT can be hacked, you are asking the right questions. Apparently, if a person has hacked your security cameras, your cameras will have the word “hacked” as the name for each camera. This vulnerability is found in only ADT cameras that have a certain type of DVT. If you purchase ADT Pulse cameras, they are not capable of being hacked as the aforementioned DVRs can.

Is Ring Better than ADT?

It is important for commercial property owners and operators to be discerning when they are considering security systems. One of the questions that may arise is whether Ring is better than ADT. Apparently, both systems offer state of the art technology. ADT, however, requires a contract and a professional installation. In contrast, Ring is more hands-on and is designed to be operated and installed by the homeowner. If you are renting a property, Ring may be better suited for you due to the fact that it can be more maneuverable from property to property.

What is Commercial Security System

It’s always important to start with a definition when it comes to understanding precisely what a concept is. Commercial security systems are a range of standalone or integrated configurations. These security systems perform one or more functions. These functions include video surveillance, fire, heat, water, and entry alarms. Commercial security systems range in sophistication depending on the needs of the property owner/operator.

Where to Buy Commercial Security System

If you are wondering where to purchase a commercial security system, it is best to consult with a leading professional first. You can ask a friend or neighbor for a referral, or you can search online using relevant search terms. For instance, if you are looking for a commercial security system, you can use the search terms: “commercial security system company near me.” When you talk to an expert and ask them for their opinion, you receive the benefit of their experience. Once you have all the information at your fingertips, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your new commercial security system installation.

Security Alarm System for Business

There are many different recommendations that come along with a proper security alarm system installation. According to online research, Frontpoint security system is voted ‘best overall’. SimpliSafe comes in next as the best budget option. Vivint, which has been mentioned before, was voted ‘best for a home-based business.’ Next, ADT is voted ‘best for multi-employee businesses.’ Nest is best for ‘retail businesses,’ and Protect America is best for ‘rural businesses.’

commercial security system

Commercial Security Systems for Sale

There are many different commercial security systems for sale. But before you select the security system that is the most affordable, first you must consider what the security system does and whether or not it will be a good fit for your commercial property. For instance, one of the considerations that you should make is how important picture quality is to you. If video camera specifications are important to you, you will want to purchase cameras that have high resolution. If you would like more control over your security system, you may want to purchase one that you can install and monitor yourself. If you would like for your security system to control different parts of the alarm system, like fire and water, you may want to expand your search terms. The best thing for you to do when selecting a commercial security system is to do your research and seek out a professional opinion.

If you would like to discuss a new commercial security system in North Little Rock, AR, our company is here to take your call. You can reach us at our phone number, 501-860-6767.

What is Alarm Monitoring?

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Learn More About Alarm Monitoring

Having a security system can be helpful in maintaining the safety of your property. When it comes to monitoring security you might want to consider the implementation of alarm monitoring with a reputable security company. You’ll be able to have your property protected with fast notification to the necessary authorities in case something happens. It’s important to get into contact with a professional security company regarding installation or implementation of alarm monitoring systems so that you can have reliable systems installed for you. Here is some general background info regarding alarm monitoring that may be helpful to you.

What is a monitored alarm system?

An alarm monitoring system comprises of a security system that is actively monitored by a home security institution. If there is a fire, break-in, or other emergencies the security alarm with notify the security team or in other cases emergency responders. This can save on time with instant notification so that, spending on the situation, proper protective measures can be implemented to prevent situations from worsening.

Do you need alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is something to consider if you are away from your home for long periods of time and would like a system to contact emergency services when suspicious behavior is present without you there at your property. If you have a neighborhood that is known to contact police when there’s an alarm going off you may not need monitoring as part of your security system. However, the unexpected can happen even with reliable neighbors and it’s best to have back up in case there is no active notification from people at certain times of the day be it from working or night time rest.

Are alarm systems worth it?

Alarm monitoring can be worth it when you have a large property or would like extra security protection over valuables. If you have valuables you would potentially be saving money from the threat of burglars that would steal them.

Do cameras deter burglars?

Cameras will be effective in preventing or catching sight of theft and can be a deterrent to burglars due to the risks associated with capturing a crime. You might even post a security sign that states “video surveillance in use 24/7” which can further thwart burglars. 

Does leaving a light on at night deter burglars?

Having an alarm monitoring system along with outdoor lights can deter burglars especially when there are motion sensing lights which can cause an element of the unexpected in illuminating criminals that may want to be hidden. 

How does alarm system monitoring work?

Alarm monitoring can provide a detailed method of communication for your home system, central station, and your chosen security provider. Essentially your control panel will register an emergency event and send a signal to the central monitoring station where authorities will be notified and sent to the property if necessary.

Can I monitor my own alarm system?

You can have self-alarm monitoring but it will be more effective if you combine this with a home security system. If you have a signal that you received from an alarm system you can use you can use your phone to view cameras around or in the home through an app or other set up.

Close-up Of Person Hand Holding Mobile Phone With Home Security System

How do you know if a burglar is in your house?

  • Unfamiliar Vehicles.
  • Strangers Walk around the Street or Neighborhood.
  • Door-to-door Scams.
  • Flyers or Stickers.
  • Toilet Excuse.
  • Strangers Request for Help with Different Excuses.
  • Strange Markings around the House.
  • Strangers Take Pictures & Walk Away.

How do I turn off my house alarm without code?

You can turn off your house alarm by powering down your system or disconnecting backup battery. Unplug the transformer from the device or wall outlet if you have one. You’ll be able to confirm that the panels are off by checking the keypad or touch screen by seeing if they’re blank.

Are house alarms worth it?

There are many steps that you can take to reduce the risk of intruders and a burglar alarm may be something to consider. Alarm monitoring can allow you to get notified of something occurring beyond just an alarm sounding after a break in. That being said, there is no guarantee that you home won’t be burglarized yet you may be able to capture footage or have signals sent to the proper authorities with some components of alarm systems.

Get the Help That You Need Today

If you’re looking into alarm monitoring your property contact your local security company for assistance. Alarm monitoring installation with a professional security company will have you set up with the conditions necessary to match with your particular property specifications and needs. Make sure to get set up with a system that will ultimately work the best for you. Get extra protection today with alarm monitoring.

If you’re interested in alarm monitoring in North Little Rock, AR call 501-860-6767 with 7 Smart Security!

What is cellular alarm monitoring?

cellular alarm monitoring

How does cellular alarm monitoring work?

When looking for ways to protect their homes, homeowners are always trying to stay a comfortable step ahead of those that desire to trespass into a person’s property. Being the modern age, home defense has plenty of options for the casual person that goes further than what was available as little as ten years ago. One option available to you is cellular alarm monitoring, which not only is an improvement to the old system but also can revolutionize many aspects of your home so as to better protect all that you hold dear. 

As it stands now, cellular alarm monitoring works through a cellular channel that is made through encryptions and layers of security. As it stands now, the system offers a way to monitor the status of each system connected to the correlating signal through their phone. The devices included can be:

  • Locks
  • Garage doors
  • Alarms
  • Cameras
  • Windows
  • Lights

As well as any other system you can connect to through your phone. When connected, the homeowner would then be able to activate or switch the product. Examples of that would be if a door was unlocked and had the correct lock, it could be locked remotely. Another instance would be if you see strange activity inside your own home or at your doorstep, at the press of a button you can set off the alarm and call the police department. For more information on cellular alarm monitoring or how it can benefit you, why not trust a quality company to install it when living in North Little Rock, AR. Call 7 Smart Security through our number at 501-860-6767 today to schedule an appointment. 

How do Alarm Systems Communicate?

The days of looking at manuals to see what is wrong with your alarm system are over with the modern alarm system. Especially with cellular alarm monitoring, homeowners have easy access to what is going on with their system and how they communicate. Typically, many systems like Ring cameras and some security systems use the home’s WiFi system to communicate while connecting to a system you can access when your phone is not connected to WiFi.

Furthermore, some systems are also wired through your home’s system, connecting to a central system or access point within your home when wireless communication is unavailable. Through your phone or access point, you can see each detail in your security system if it is a united system. For example, when it is through a screen inside your home, you can tell if one system like the window locks are not responding or will not activate with the rest of the system. At the same time, you can also look at the status of each through your phone or the other point. The system generally has a way of notifying you when something is not responding or doesn’t work through notifications or visibly depicting the section.

This system of communication works similarly to the system of the past, but at a more advanced level. Each aspect of your security system sends signals to a central point and responds to it as well as you. This is thereby how a system communicates with you by giving you a play by play of events when something is activated in your security.

How do I connect my phone to my security system?

The method of connection depends largely on what kind of system you have. Normally, we would suggest speaking directly to one of our representatives for this part because in older systems you would need to add devices in order for your phone to receive updates from your home security system. However, as mentioned before there are some that connect directly to your WiFi to operate. These should have a method in which you can connect and command them through your phone. When trying to work with systems like that, pay special attention to the manual and feel free to ask about our services for help. 

One of the largest and arguably most important improvements cellular alarm monitoring has over older systems is the lack of dependency on phone lines. Studies have shown that one out of five burglars committing a robbery or a crime including theft will cut phone lines. Older security systems depended on phone lines to send out a signal to the local police department while also giving a person inside a way to call for help. With the advent of cellular phones as well as wireless home systems, phone lines can be cut, but have no effect on the security system or your ability to call for help.

What is a cellular backup for Alarm System?

The improvements in modern security do not just stop at phasing out landlines. Your phone uses cellular data as well as WiFi to communicate with other devices. Fortunately, so can many devices that protect your home when the need arises. So when for whatever reason your WiFi loses accessibility or shuts off, your systems can still guard your home and communicate through a cellular connection. While the functions may have their limitations in this regard, it offers a means of continuing full security until a solution is found to restore what had been lost. 

When you need cellular alarm monitoring or other security system services, rely on the best team in North Little Rock, AR. Call 501-860-6767 for the best services 7 Smart Security has to offer.

How Do You Keep Track of Energy Use?

Smart home automation app on mobile with home interior in background. Internet of things concept at home. Smart technology 4.0

Learn More About a Home Energy Monitor

Your property in this day and age will be using electricity. Yet in order to reduce our carbon footprint, or at least our home energy bills, it’s essential to get your energy levels checked with such solutions as a home energy monitor. There are many ways that you can reduce the use of energy in your home so conduct your research to see what may work best with your lifestyle. It’s important to get in touch with a professional regarding any of your questions concerning a home energy monitor so make sure to reach out to a professional company for more information. Until then, here is some general information regarding home energy monitors.

How can I monitor my home power usage?

Devices like home energy monitor plugs can be plugged straight into wall sockets. Devices plugged into an outlet will act as the middle man in gathering data on how much energy is used.

What is home energy monitoring?

A home energy monitor consists of a device that provides feedback on electrical use. Depending on the device you use you may have displays showing the estimate of greenhouse gas emissions or the cost of energy being used. With the use of a home energy monitor, studies have shown a 4-14% reduction of home energy use.  

How does a home energy monitor work?

With a home energy monitor, an AC current will flow between the appliance and power outlet. With the current changing a magnetic field is then created around the cable. By placing the home energy monitor’s probe near the cable this magnetic field with cause a second alternating current to start flowing inside it.

How to reset home energy monitor?

If you need to reset your home energy monitor simply go to your settings, hit my home and select sense monitor. Here you’ll have a reset data option yet it’s important to keep in mind that resetting any data will wipe out the historical power data as well as any devices on the same monitor. This deleted data won’t be able to be restored.

Type of Home Energy Monitors

There are numerous types of home energy monitors to choose from with some that can be tracked with apps to a home energy monitor with solar energy.

smart house device illustration with app icons

What is the best home energy monitor?

  • Sense Energy Monitor
  • Efergy Elite 4.0 Wireless Electricity Monitor
  • Eyedro EHWEM1. Best Cloud-Based Energy Monitor
  • Aeotec ZW095 ZW095-A. Budget Pick
  • Neurio Home Energy Monitor

Does Sense Home Energy Monitor Work?

Any home energy monitor that you incorporate into your home will behave differently. With Sense, some of its products will detect devices on its own schedule without you having that much control of when it identifies new products.

What devices use the most electricity?

Devices that use the most electricity are known to be water heaters, lights, TVs, washer and driers, refrigerators, dishwashers, computers, and electric ovens.

How can I reduce the cost of energy in my home?

Energy reduction as far as with components that come with the house are as follows. First, a programmable and updated thermostat will do wonders. With schedule options down to the degree, day and time you can program settings that will create better power usage. With a programmable thermostat changing the temperature of the device by 2-4 degrees an impact for the better can be made. Another way to instigate better energy use is with proper insulation, essentially this will protect your property from daily changes in temperatures. With stable temperatures your HVAC units will work less hard to match with maintaining the temperature that you set on your thermostat.

How do you save energy at home?

Saving energy at home can be done with many methods and in ways that you may not recognize. A rather obvious way to save energy is to turn off lights or electrical appliances when they’re not in use. Implementing a multi-outlet strip or adapter can incorporate the use of multiple devices that can be controlled by a push of the power button. Once done with use, the button can simply be pushed off to deactivate energy usage. You may also be able to save energy at home by having energy-saving LED lights or using such energy-saving products like ENERGY STAR.

Get in Touch With a Professional

A professional will best be able to assist you with your home energy monitoring endeavors. A  home energy monitor will be sure to make a difference in how you view electrical use and can be very effective in cutting costs. Modifying your energy use will in turn ultimately create an impact that is better for the environment as well. If you have any questions, get in touch with a smart technology expert so you can see what options are open for your property. Understand the details of your home’s energy use with a home energy monitor installation today.

If you’re interested in a home energy monitor in North Little Rock, AR call 501-860-6767 with 7 Smart Security!

Why Install A Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostat on Wall

Learn More About A Smart Thermostat

Technology has a way of making things more convenient as far as lifestyle and use, a smart thermostat is one such way that. Have easier operations and control of your HVAC systems for more streamlined airflow. With smart functions not only can you save on energy costs, but you can save time with ease of access. These devices can also be coupled with the other smart technologies like with your smart lights or other smart capable implementations you have in your home. If you’d like to learn more about a smart thermostat continue on. For assistance with installations consider reaching out to your local home security company.

What does a smart thermostat do?

A smart thermostat involves the use of smart devices that will remotely control the temperature of a property through a mobile or internet-connected device. It is able to be controlled in various ways such as keeping scheduled and other operations are more convenient. This greater control of heating and cooling capabilities contributes to energy savings.

How does a smart thermostat work?

A smart thermostat will typically connect to an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here, you can set up the temperature. Settings will then be transferred through the internet connection on the property with the wi-fi router transmitting instructions to the thermostat. Once the smart thermostat readjusts the temperature it will send a signal to the boiler in order to turn it on or off.  

What is the benefit of a smart thermostat?

You’ll be able to program your thermostat based on your schedule and preferences and can monitor the readings on your smartphone. As such your thermostat can take over and adjust changes based on your preferences or whether there are any occupants present in the property. Yet if you are away you can still make adjustments from your phone. If your temperature is going higher or lower than your predetermined preferences than an email notification can be sent to you as well. Some models will be able to recommend energy-saving recommendations based on monthly energy reports. Some will allow you to view the report and compare them to other smart thermostat users as well.

How does a smart thermostat save energy?

A smart thermostat will save you on energy if you program setting temperatures higher during cooling and lower during heating yet this can be done with regular thermostats as well. As such certain models may be able to provide you recommendations based on your energy bills so you can make strides in lowering them.

Are smart thermostats wireless?

There are different varieties of smart thermostats and many can come wireless if preferred. There are a variety of features that are offered from model to model yet most basic models that are inexpensive will still be equipped with wifi circuitry which will allow you to connect the device to the home network and internet.

Woman using modern mobile app to control thermostat

What are the best smart thermostats?

  • Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control
  • Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd generation) 
  • Honeywell Lyric T5 smart thermostat
  • Nest Thermostat E
  • Mysa Smart Thermostat

Where to Install Smart Thermostat

Most likely your smart thermostat will come with manufacturer guidelines on how to install your smart thermostat. As such, smart thermostat installation will require checking on such components as electrical connections, compatibility and setting up connections to parts.

Where to Buy Smart Thermostat

The great thing about smart thermostats are that they can be purchased in most home technology stores as well as the internet. You may even be recommended a model by your security company or HVAC company based on their experiences with customer satisfaction.

How much is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat can range in price depending on the model and additional features. They are around $100-$300 yet there are some that go as low as $33 and as high as $500 or more.

Is a smart thermostat worth it?

A smart thermostat is worth it if you require any new access capabilities such as the convenience of remote access. Essentially as long as your thermostat is programmed optimally you can save on energy bills no matter the thermostat unless it’s a really old model. 

Reach Out To A Professional

For assistance with installing a smart thermostat be sure to reach out to your local professionals. Essentially a smart thermostat will couple with your HVAC services so it’s also important to make sure everything regarding that system is well maintained and operable. Have ease of use with your heating and cooling with the help of a smart thermostat. With schedules and temperature settings modified to your preferences and lifestyle, you can improve on the capabilities of your home systems. Have the convenience of a system that can be modified at any time and reach out to a professional for assistance when you’d like recommendations on any models.

If you’re interested in a smart thermostat in North Little Rock, AR call 501-860-6767 with 7 Smart Security!

How Does a Doorbell Camera Work?

Skybell Camera Doorbell

How does a doorbell camera work?

Are you expecting packages or wondering who just rang your doorbell? A doorbell camera allows you to find out. As a first step in home security, many people choose to install a doorbell camera to monitor the area around their front door. 

These cameras allow you to view live video of anyone whose outside your door. You don’t have to answer your door or peek through windows or peepholes to find out who’s outside. Most connect directly to your doorbell and can be monitored with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Many are equipped with audio systems that allow you to talk to the person at the door remotely with your phone or other device. Others have security options that allow you to unlock the door or interact with other security devices such as smart garage door openers.

One of the leading brands is the Skybell smart doorbell camera, and the professionals at 7 Smart Security can help you install the system and integrate with your other smart security devices. Find out more about how we can help you by calling 501-860-6767

Which doorbell camera is best?

While there are many doorbell cameras on the market today, 7 Smart Security partners with Skybell because we think they offer the best in all their features.

Among the other brands on the market, Ring brand video doorbells are also considered some of the best available. Why would you choose a Skybell product over Ring? Here are some features  of both that may help you decide between the two.

Skybell doorbell camera vs Ring

  • Both provide live monitoring 24/7.
  • Both are easy to install.
  • Neither require lengthy contracts.
  • Equipment is owned outright.
  • Both have remote apps allowing you to monitor activity from anywhere.
  • Skybell only has one product so far, but you can purchase two for the same price. Ring has several versions with different features.
  • Ring has a fully functional home security system, but Skybell easily integrates with your other devices.
  • Skybell has free video with video storage for up to 7 days. 

Do doorbell cameras need WiFi?

For a doorbell camera to work, most need a WiFi connection. Some cameras, however, will operate without WiFi or Internet connection, though you won’t be able to access the doorbell camera remotely for live streams or push notifications. Doorbell cameras with local SD card storage will save videos for playback later. Some cameras can also be connected to 4G LTE hotspots that allow for live streaming and pushback notices, although access can be limited by data usage.

Where to install doorbell camera

Doorbell camera installation is relatively easy. The cameras are either installed directly into the doorbell’s wiring or attached to the doorbell and run on battery. With the Skybell, you’ll have to attach it to your doorbell’s wiring after first removing the doorbell. You may need to drill holes to mount the mounting plate into the wall. Once the camera is attached to the wiring and mounted, all you need to do is download it and set it up. If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, give our team a call at 501-860-6767.

While most people who come to your door are not there to harm you or your property, with a doorbell camera you can also catch people taking packages from your front porch. Sometimes these “porch pirates” are looking for something they can sell quickly so they can use the money to buy drugs. If law enforcement catches them with drugs on their person, they will go to jail and need drug possession bail to get out.

Doorbell camera for apartment

While homeowners should have no problems installing a doorbell camera, renters or apartment dwellers may not be able to install some cameras without risk of putting holes in walls that they could end up getting charged for. There are, however, peephole cameras that are placed over the door’s peepholes. These cameras require no screws to mount them, and offer most of the features regular cameras have. 

How much is the camera doorbell?

Doorbell cameras vary in price, depending on the brand, the model and features. A very basic doorbell camera costs around $40, while more sophisticated devices run anywhere between $99 and $500. Skybell cameras cost about $150.

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

While security cameras of all kinds are generally secure and can be hidden from view. That said, there are apps available to download for your cell phone that can detect even the tiniest of pinhole cameras. While you may not want people to detect your security cameras, such apps can be useful if you want to protect your personal privacy. 

A Man Rings a Doorbell.

Doorbell camera near me

If you are looking for a quality doorbell camera in North Little Rock, AR, you can get help from the security experts at 7 Smart Security. We can help you install your camera and integrate it with other security devices around your home, so you’ll have a complete security system. Find out more by calling 501-860-6767. We specialize in Skybell smart doorbell cameras.

Do Smart Lights Save Money?

Incandescent Bulb to be Replaced by Smart Lighting

Smart Lights for Your Home

Are you tired of throwing out incandescent lightbulbs every couple of months? Are you interested in the overall home automation systems that are becoming popular? If so, it can be hard to determine where to begin. There are home security, camera, lighting, and so many other options to choose from. At 7 Smart Security, we think the best place to start is with the lights. Energy-efficient or smart lights can not only offer better security for your home, but they can also decrease the amount of energy and electricity used. For more information about smart lights for North Little Rock, AR homes, give us a call at 501-860-6767.

Programming Smart Lighting

Lighting Your Home in Quality and Style

What is a smart light? This is lighting technology that is designed specifically for energy efficiency. To do this, most smart lights have the capability of being controlled by an internet connection, your voice, and other resources. This allows property owners the chance to control the amount of light emitted by a bulb and potentially reduce their energy and electricity bills. Why use smart lights? Using smart lights is a great way to update and light your home in style. Most of the bulbs in this fashion can change colors, creating mood lighting for any room in your space. In general, home automation is a growing trend and smart lights are a driving factor in that. Since homeowners can control the lights with internet connections, they can turn them on and off even when they aren’t in the house. This offers an increased sense of security and protection as well as a great way to monitor your electricity usage. In fact, there are a number of advantages that homeowners can benefit from a smart lighting switch.

Smart Light Benefits

Smart lights are more than just a fun, unique way to light your home. They are a security measure for both in and outside your home. They are a better way to cut energy and electricity costs within your space. Smart lights are an investment because they are, generally, more expensive than an incandescent bulb. That being said, you will usually get more life and use out of smart light. Really, there are so many advantages to smart lights for homes.

  • Lower Energy Use: Smart lights are considered energy-efficient lighting because they ultimately use less energy to do the same job. These bulbs can use anywhere between 70-90% less energy than a regular incandescent bulb.
  • Longer Life: An incandescent bulb will only last about 2,000 hours in total. A smart light bulb can last upwards of 50,000 hours. Most smart bulbs have a yearly life-span of about 8-years, but that can change based on use. 
  • Increased Security: With motion-detection, programmable features, and more, smart lights offer an increased sense of security that incandescent bulbs simply can’t. These features can be useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting options.
  • Fun Settings: And of course, there are a variety of fun settings with smart lights. Many can change colors, they can strobe light, they can do all kinds of fun things. This makes them great for kids rooms or for gathering areas. 

Are smart lights worth it? We think so! Smart lighting is a great investment just like a steel garage door is a great investment. In either case, you are getting a quality piece instrument that will also offer an increased sense of security. There are so many possibilities with smart lighting. To learn more about these bulbs, contact 7 Smart Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do smart lights last?
    • Smart lights can last anywhere between 15,000 and 25,000 hours. You can break it down like this: if a smart light bulb with a 15,000 life-span is on for 5-hours a day, it will last about 8-years. 
  • What are the best smart lights?
    • For the best smart lights on the market, contact your local security and automation company. 7 Smart Security offers a variety of some of the best smart lights and services. 
  • Do smart lights burn out?
    • Yes, a smart light bulb will burn out just like a typical light bulb. However, because of the way it is manufactured, a smart light will still last significantly longer than a typical or traditional light bulb. 
  • Do smart light bulbs use more electricity?
    • No, they don’t use more electricity than a regular bulb. These bulbs typically use electricity and energy more efficiently than regular bulbs, however, even smart lights are guilty of using electricity even when they are turned off. But so do traditional bulbs, so it’s hard to say which is worse. 
  • Do smart lights waste energy?
    • These bulbs actually require less energy to produce the same amount of light that a typical bulb would. So no, smart lights do not waste energy. In fact, they usually use energy more efficiently.
Choosing Smart Lighting

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Are glass break detectors effective?

A Glass Break Detector in House

Installing and Relying on Glass Break Detectors

When it comes to protecting your home, you want to be sure that you have everything you need. Most central alarm systems utilize motion detectors because of their tried and true reliability. Motion sensors, in general, are a great investment. They can be attached to floodlights for outside your home and installed inside for adequate protection. But there is one additional piece of equipment that can provide increased coverage and protection and that is a broken glass sensor. Glass break detectors are quality stand-alone investments or they can be added to an existing security system for increased protection. If you are curious to know more about glass break detector in North Little Rock, AR, contact 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767

Glass Break Detectors for Windows

How do glass break detectors work? These sensors work by using a microphone to listen for the specific acoustical frequencies of glass breaking. They can sense the sound of breaking plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated, and even sealed insulating glass. Glass break sensor’s are incredibly reliable and work well in conjunction with motion detectors in your home. 

Why would you need glass break sensors? A glass break detector is designed to trigger an alarm when glass is broken in your home. The detectors are armed as soon as you set your home security system and will actually stay active even after you disarm the system. Unlike motion detectors, they are not sensing movement. Instead, like we’ve explained, they listen for broken glass. If you have glass break detectors in your home, you can actually check to see if they are set up properly.

  • Test Mode: When you are testing your detectors, one of the most important things to remember is to put your sensors on test mode. Otherwise, you might accidentally set them off!
  • Audio: Once the sensors are in test mode, play audio from your phone or speaker system. There are several YouTube videos out there that play sounds that will mimic the sound of something hitting the glass as well as the glass breaking.
  • Success: If your sensors are adjusted properly, the sensors will send an alert back to your central alarm control panel indicating activation. Your sensors won’t go off because they are in test mode. 
  • Failure: If that alert doesn’t get to your control panel, that doesn’t mean your sensors are faulty. The sound sensitivity may just need to be adjusted or you may need to change the physical location of the sensors. 

Glass break detectors are a great investment and a great supplement for motion detectors. They can increase security within your home, providing a great sense of peace for you and your loved ones. For more information about a glass break detector in North Little Rock, AR, contact 7 Smart Security.

Technician Installing New Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Sensors vs. Motion Detectors

There is actually a big distinction between glass break sensors and motion detectors. Most homes can get away with motion detectors and maybe some can even get away with just glass break sensors. But overall, every home will benefit from a combination of the two. That’s because these two items supplement each other in different ways.

Motion detectors are designed to exactly what the name suggests. These sensors use infrared technology to detect movement. They are only operational when used in combination with an alarm system that will arm and disarm them. They can still trigger an alarm when broken glass occurs, but that is not because it picked up on the sound. That would be because the movement triggered the alarm.

Glass break detectors for windows use microphones to detect the acoustic frequency of glass breaking. They can be synced with an alarm system that will arm and disarm them. However, these sensors can often operate separately from an entire system. They can remain armed at all times, which will provide 24/7 protection for your home. Since they are not detecting motion, you don’t have to worry about setting them off during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you test a glass break sensor?
    • Set your sensors and alarm to test mode. Then, play an audio clip with the sound of glass breaking. If your sensors go off, they are working fine. If they don’t, that doesn’t mean they are faulty. They may just need the settings readjusted.
  • Is glass break sensor necessary?
    • Glass break sensors are not entirely necessary if you already have motion sensors, but they are incredibly useful. Since these sensors pick up on the actual frequency of broken glass, they can be useful if you don’t have motion sensors placed near certain windows. 
  • How do you adjust glass break sensor?
    • Make sure your sensor is disarmed for this. To increase the sensitivity, hold the TEST button for 10 seconds until the green light flashes. To decrease the sensitivity, remove the batteries and power the sensor down for 20-30 seconds, then replace them. 
  • What is the range of a glass break sensor?
    • Most glass break detectors can detect broken glass from about 20-25 feet away, at a full 360 degrees. The key to these detectors is finding one that has as wide a range as possible. This reduces your need for multiple detectors, since one can cover a few areas at a time.
An Alarm System That Can Be Synched With a Glass Break Detector

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