Types of Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

Security Systems Can Help Defend Against Unauthorized Entry.

In all likelihood, your business contains a great deal of valuable equipment and stock. As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to protect these assets from theft, damage, and more. You never know when a security threat may arise, so you’ll want to stay prepared. A few basic types of commercial security systems will ensure your readiness.

Fire Alarms

You never know when a fire might occur. In the middle of the night, over the weekend, or on a holiday, disasters like fires stick to no established time frame. A commercial fire alarm can provide valuable protection, as will a system of smoke detectors.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Video surveillance lets you keep constant watch over your property. When installed outside, it can notify you of burglary attempts and unapproved visitations. Inside your structure, a commercial video surveillance system can help prevent against employee theft, and also alert you to generally unprofessional activities or practices.

Access Control System

As a business owner, you naturally want to restrict access to your property. If anyone can enter and leave as they please, you will have no defense against theft, vandalism, or other unsavory acts. With an access control system, you decide who can enter your property, and what areas will remain accessible to them. These systems also help you control employee movement, and ensure that people stick to assigned areas.

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Additional Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

The best way to keep your home safe from intruders is with a dedicated home security system. However, there are other things you can do to help prevent many intruders even considering your home. Today we will go over a few additional ways you can protect your home.

More Lights

home security

Check Out These Ways You Can Keep Your Home Safe!

One of the best ways to keep your home safe at night is to make sure it is brightly lit throughout the exterior. Most intruders and burglars rely on the cover of darkness to commit crimes, so if your property is brightly lit, they will likely decide it isn’t worth the risk.


With your security system, you will also be offered window stickers and signs. While your security system will alert you if someone enters the home, the signs will let intruders know that your home is protected, which should prevent them from attempting to enter in the first place.


Another intruder deterrent is sound. If it sounds like someone is inside the house, a criminal is less likely to enter. This trick has been used for decades to cover up the silence of an empty home.

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The Benefits of Smart Technology



Getting Home Late? Turn Your Lights on Through Your Phone to Appear Home.

Now a day it seems like everyone has a smartphone or some kind of smart device. Technology can be a little overwhelming at times, but there are a few products that are extremely helpful for your safety and can actually help you save money.


Smart Technology

Smart garage door opener- Have you ever left the house and realized you don’t remember if you shut the garage door? With a smart garage door opener, you can check from your phone and see if you did. If you did not, you can shut it. This is also helpful if someone is locked out of your house and needs to be let in. They can call you and you can let them in through the garage without even having to leave your desk.

Smart Lights- Smart lights are an amazing product in technology that will come in handy more than you think. If you are going to be getting home late and don’t want to come home to a dark house you can turn the lights on from your phone. This is also helpful if you forgot to turn a light off and don’t want to waste your energy.

Smart thermostat- If you turn your heater off before you leave the house and don’t want to come home to an icebox, you can turn your heat up before heading home for the day and come home to a ready and warm home. This will not only save you from the hot or cold, but it will save on your monthly electric bill as well.

With all the growing technology out there, embrace it and use it to your advantage. These products are available through us and we can install them for you right away. If you are interested, give us a call today at 501-860-6767.

Benefits of a Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell and Intercom System

A Video Doorbell Allows You to Always Know Who’s At the Door Before You Open It.

Home security is an important part of owning a home. Technological advances in recent years have made home security stronger and more convenient than ever. One of these technologically advanced home security devices is the video doorbell. These doorbells allow you to see who is at your door before you open. If you have questions about installing a video doorbell on your own, contact the office of 7 Smart Security. We offer a variety of services for the latest home security technologies.

Why Get a Video Doorbell?

There are many reasons why a video doorbell is a good idea for your home, especially if you have young children at home. Here are three reasons you should consider installing a video doorbell next your front door.

You Always Know Who’s Knocking on Your Door
Most video doorbells are connected to your mobile device, which means that you will get a notification on your phone whenever someone rings the doorbell. This means that you will know who is at your house even when you are away at the office.

Better Communication
A smart video doorbell has an intercom feature that allows you to communicate with whoever rang the doorbell, from wherever you are. This means that if someone is delivering a packaged while you are at work, you can tell them exactly where to leave where it will be safe until you get home.

Motion Sensor and Night Vision
Some video doorbells have a motion sensor on them that sends a notification any time there is any kind of motion near your front door. They also have night vision technologies which allows you to be able to see who’s on your front porch at any point of the day or night.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a video doorbell, call our office at 501-860-6767. We are committed to helping you make your home as safe as possible for your family.

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation

There Are a Lot of Great Benefits of Home Automation.

Home automation has become more and more popular over the years. But why? There are many reasons why homeowners are rushing to add home automation gadgets to their property. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why it has become so common. Below are some benefits of home automation for your home.

It’s Convenient

Whether you are in the other room or out of town, home automation makes it so easy to switch on lights or lock doors. With a tap on a touchscreen, you can shut your garage door, turn on the thermostat, and more.

Better Security

If you know you will be coming home late or you aren’t sure you forgot to lock the door, home automation is a great way to amp up your security. You can pick and choose when lights and doors lock, so you feel more secure.

Save Money

Because you can control your lights and thermostats, you have the power to turn them on and off using your phone, even when you are away. If you forgot to turn off the lights, no problem! You can turn it off without going back home. This can all save you money.

More Peace of Mind

Some people get really anxious if they forget to turn off the lights, or if they think they forgot to turn off the garage door. One of the best benefits of home automation is you can check to see if you forgot to turn something off and have the ability to take care of it right then and there.

If you are interested in home automation for your Little Rock, AR home, please call 7 Smart Security today at 501-860-6767.

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

Open Garage Door

A Smart Garage Door Opener Allows You to Control Your Garage Door From Anywhere.

Wondering if you closed the garage door can be a nerve wracking feeling. You realize that if you did leave the door open, your home is exposed to all types of intruders. Often times you will turn around and go back to your house only to find that you did indeed close the garage and now you’re going to be late for work. Stop the madness! Call 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767 and speak to someone about installing a smart garage door opener.

Why Choose a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door connects to your home’s internet and can be opened, closed or monitered by any device that has wifi capabilities. While is it ideal for those moments when you can’t remember if you closed the door, there are other benefits it can provide.

Less Electricity: You can turn your smart garage door opener off when you are not home. Traditional garage door openers are always on, which means they are always using electricity. By turning off the garage door opener you can save on your energy bills.

More Security: By turning off the smart garage door opener, you also provide your home with greater security. No one will be able to open your garage door until you get home.

Monitor Activity: Your smart garage door opener allows you see when the door is opened, and in some cases which remote was used to open it. This allows to keep track of the schedule of your family.

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Benefits of Access Control Technology

Access Control Technology

Access Control Technology Provides Many Security Benefits for Your Company.

Businesses have a lot of people coming and going all the time. The larger the company, the more true this becomes. Keeping track of traditional keys is not a very practical use of time and effort. Switch your business over to an access control technology system and see the benefits that it could have for your company. 7 Smart Security offers installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of access control systems for corporations as well as small businesses. Call us today at 501-860-6767 to set up an appointment.

Benefits of Access Control Technology

While access control technology systems provide extra security for your business, there a wide array of ways such a system could positively impact your company.

Easily add or Remove Names

Rather than having a person issuing and receiving hard keys, with an access control technology system, adding or removing a person from the system can be accomplished with a few clicks of a mouse.

Specify Access

Don’t worry about making a separate set of keys for each of your employees. With an access control technology system, you can program their card for the exact access to the places they will need to get their job done.

Save on Energy

These systems can be connected to other systems, such as the lighting or cooling systems. This allows for more efficient use of your energy resources.

If these benefits sound like something your company might be interested in, contact the security experts at 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767 and set up an appointment today.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat

Control the temperature of your home remotely to ensure the comfort of pets.

Nearly half of your home’s energy costs come from heating and cooling. For greater control over how this money gets spent, consider a smart thermostat. These devices allow you to not only program and remotely control your home’s climate, but also save you money. If you’ve considered a smart thermostat but have not yet pulled the trigger, consider these benefits.

Remote Control of Temperature

If a sudden drop in temperature occurs while you are at work, a smart thermostat allows you to turn on the heat before you arrive home. The same applies for hot days when you work up a sweat and want to return to a cooler house. This feature also becomes useful for travelers who want to keep their homes comfortable for pets.


HVAC malfunctions do occur, and can exist as a cause of concern for homeowners. If the heat continues to rise in your home above a certain threshold, you can receive emailed alerts. You can also elect to receive notifications should your thermostat become disconnected because of a power outage.

Save Energy

The main purpose of a smart thermostat is to save you money. You can engage energy-saver settings that conservatively manage the temperature in your home automatically. Over time, your habits can adapt to the energy saver routine, and you’ll see dramatic savings across your energy bills.

At 7 Smart Security, smart thermostats represents one of our premier services. If you need a smart thermostat in Little Rock, AR, call us today at 501-860-6767. We can also review your home’s overall security, and ensure your safety through automation and other features.

4 Advantages of Doorbell Cameras

Skybell Installed on Home

Technology continues to advance as we pass the half way point of 2017. While robbers are finding more careful ways to steal property from homes, 7 Smart Security is developing technology to deter them. One of the best ways to deter home robberies are with doorbell cameras. Below are 4 advantages of doorbell cameras.

Child Monitoring

Most parents have been in the situation where they’ve had to leave younger kids alone for a brief time. With a doorbell camera, you can rest a little bit easier knowing that if somebody shows up on your doorstep, you can immediately go back home or call the police. You will also ensure that your kids don’t try to leave the house.

Discouraging Robbers

Many robbers use the technique of ringing a traditional doorbell before they decide if they want to proceed with the home robbery. If nobody answers, and they don’t hear a dog react, they sense opportunity. A great new way to dissuade them is with a doorbell camera. Once the criminal notices the camera above them, they are very unlikely to stick around.

Package Delivery

Many homeowners want to know exactly when their package arrives. It may be something they need to immediately grab, or they just want to ensure the shipping price was worth it. Either way, doorbell cameras can show you the exact moment the package has arrived.

Screening Process

While criminals are the most important people to discourage from showing up on your doorstep, a doorbell camera has advantages beyond that. With the doorbell camera you can now screen each guest that approaches your door. If it happens to be an annoying salesperson that you’ve already rejected, you can choose to ignore them upon sight. Call 501-860-6767 for doorbell camera installation in Little Rock, AR.



Home Security Milestones

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Home security technology has come a long way in the development process. Here are a few of the milestones that the industry has accomplished, with the improvement of home security over the years:

Wireless sensors. Cellular monitoring.These sensors are not only exceptionally dependable, but they are really convenient as well. They are easy to install, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to move, should you find it necessary. Putting up one of these sensors is as easy as pie!

Cellular monitoring. Landline connections are pretty much extinct since more and more homeowners are getting rid of them. No one uses old fashioned phone line  services anymore. We are okay with that though, because on the flip-side , cellular monitoring, is actually much safer and more reliable. With a wireless option, there is no physical connection that a home intruder can cut.

Interactive monitoring services. These services make it possible for you to arm and disarm your system remotely. It even allows your alarm system to inform you what’s going on at home, via text or email. The best part is that it’s all included in the app on your smartphone.

In-home video services. The addition of smart cameras to home security is merely an extension of home security technology. The best part of the advancement is that smart devices can send you motion-activated video clips. You also don’t need to worry about where you are because it will store them for you remotely.

Home automation. This is probably the most recent advancement.  Home automation makes it so that you can control lights, locks, and thermostats remotely and do it all from one app. What better way to feel protected and connected!

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