Choosing Commercial Surveillance Systems For Your Needs

If you are wanting to increase security for your business in a cost effective and unnoticeable way, commercial surveillance systems are a great way to achieve that. Out of the way but still super effective, there are so many options to choose from when selecting a surveillance system. Whether you are wanting to prevent theft, vandalism, or are just wanting to monitor your employees a little closer, getting commercial surveillance systems is a great way to prevent crime. Call 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767 for installation of commercial surveillance systems in North Little Rock, AR today.

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Commercial Surveillance Systems Help To Keep Both Employees and Customers Honest

What Are Commercial Video Surveillance Systems?

The term “security system” encompasses a wide range of things. This can be everything from high tech commercial video surveillance systems with night vision to a hard-to-break-through firewall and network system for your company computer. Whether you are needing a motion detector or outdoor security lighting for your home or business, everyone can benefit from a surveillance system.

Even with the new tech savvy age, there are tons of wireless and bluetooth video surveillance systems available, as well! But what happens if you are somewhere without wifi? Can wireless cameras work without Internet? Yes they can! The cameras will still record everything, but you just won’t be able to view what they are recording until you have internet access again.

What Is The Best Camera Surveillance System?

There are a lot of commercial security surveillance systems available to choose from, some obviously better than others. Going with the higher priced model won’t guarantee your better protection, and the budget friendly versions shouldn’t be disregarded completely. Aggregating a list of commercial surveillance systems reviews, here are some various different types of commercial surveillance systems in North Little Rock, AR that have come out at the top as premier video surveillance systems. If you need help selecting the best commercial surveillance systems for your North Little Rock, AR business, call 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767 today.

  • TRENDnet: Simple and affordable, this is the best and most effective video surveillance system for small businesses as it can be adapted to a number of various needs.
  • SecurityMan: For an inexpensive 8-channel pre-bundled kit that is long lasting and high quality, but still affordable at under $1,000, go with SecurityMan.
  • Alibi Security: If you are wanting a hybrid commercial video surveillance system that has network and digital recorders, and IP and analog cameras, then you want Alibi Security
  • ADT: Only ADT’s cameras can be utilized with the system. The ADT video surveillance system can be coupled with a monitoring service for an additional fee.
  • AFA Protective Systems: A video surveillance system that can integrate hardware from other manufacturers like alarms, security systems, analog, IP, and hybrid solutions.
  • Linksys: Supporting up to 8 channels, this network video recorder offers 2 dome IP cameras, an outdoor bullet IP camera and a mini dome camera.
  • Defender: Coming in wired or wireless security systems, you can get dome or bullet-style cameras in complete kits or as component parts.
  • CPI Security: This high tech security system comes with two motion detectors, two door and window sensors, two HD indoor cameras, and mobile access.
  • FLIR FX: Connecting through Wi-Fi to either your smartphone or a cloud server, these indoor and outdoor cameras have night vision and audio capabilities.
  • Foscam: While they don’t sell video recorders, Foscam does sell high definition indoor and outdoor cameras including plug-and-play IR cameras.
  • Tyco Integrated Security: Tyco has a lot of IP and networked video surveillance systems along with cameras and recorders.
  • Vimtag: Vimtag’s free cloud storage system links directly to a variety of wireless cameras to provide endless wireless video storage.

How To Install Commercial Security Cameras

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Wireless Commercial Surveillance Systems Allow You To View The Cameras From Anywhere

You would think with all of these complicated security systems, that a ton of wires, circuit boards, and other gadgets would be involved. You are right! So how long does it take to install security cameras? For lower maintenance security systems like a network or wireless camera, a few hours is all that is needed. More complicated commercial security surveillance systems like CCTVs or night vision cameras can take anywhere from 4 hours to a day and a half when installed by professionals. Hiring unlicensed and inexperienced contractors to do the job for cheaper will only take longer and result in a poorly installed system that doesn’t do its job.

How much does it cost to install a video surveillance system? When you factor it all together, it comes out to about $1,300. This includes the installation fee of around $100, the purchase price of each camera which is $200 each, and monthly maintenance at $30. 7 Smart Security can install commercial surveillance systems in North Little Rock, AR when you call us at 501-860-6767Luckily, commercial security surveillance systems are easy to install, with only a few wires hooking up to the main electricity servers. Cable, screws and anchors, a power adapter, or an ethernet cable are oftentimes are that are needed to hook the security systems up. If you are wondering where you should install your indoor or outdoor commercial security surveillance systems, keep these tips in mind:

  • Place the cameras high up to deter vandalism and to have a wide vantage point
  • Keep it under shelter to protect it from weather, animals, and sun damage so the quality of the video is crystal clear and unhindered
  • Point the commercial security surveillance systems away from light as this creates a glare on the video which bstructs important details
  • Make sure no objects obstructs the camera’s view like a building or tree
  • Protect the camera cables by installing the wires on the inside of buildings, soffits or ceilings
  • Think about placing the camera in a noticeable place to deter would-be thieves and intruders