Do Smart Lights Save Money?

Incandescent Bulb to be Replaced by Smart Lighting

Smart Lights for Your Home

Are you tired of throwing out incandescent lightbulbs every couple of months? Are you interested in the overall home automation systems that are becoming popular? If so, it can be hard to determine where to begin. There are home security, camera, lighting, and so many other options to choose from. At 7 Smart Security, we think the best place to start is with the lights. Energy-efficient or smart lights can not only offer better security for your home, but they can also decrease the amount of energy and electricity used. For more information about smart lights for North Little Rock, AR homes, give us a call at 501-860-6767.

Programming Smart Lighting

Lighting Your Home in Quality and Style

What is a smart light? This is lighting technology that is designed specifically for energy efficiency. To do this, most smart lights have the capability of being controlled by an internet connection, your voice, and other resources. This allows property owners the chance to control the amount of light emitted by a bulb and potentially reduce their energy and electricity bills. Why use smart lights? Using smart lights is a great way to update and light your home in style. Most of the bulbs in this fashion can change colors, creating mood lighting for any room in your space. In general, home automation is a growing trend and smart lights are a driving factor in that. Since homeowners can control the lights with internet connections, they can turn them on and off even when they aren’t in the house. This offers an increased sense of security and protection as well as a great way to monitor your electricity usage. In fact, there are a number of advantages that homeowners can benefit from a smart lighting switch.

Smart Light Benefits

Smart lights are more than just a fun, unique way to light your home. They are a security measure for both in and outside your home. They are a better way to cut energy and electricity costs within your space. Smart lights are an investment because they are, generally, more expensive than an incandescent bulb. That being said, you will usually get more life and use out of smart light. Really, there are so many advantages to smart lights for homes.

  • Lower Energy Use: Smart lights are considered energy-efficient lighting because they ultimately use less energy to do the same job. These bulbs can use anywhere between 70-90% less energy than a regular incandescent bulb.
  • Longer Life: An incandescent bulb will only last about 2,000 hours in total. A smart light bulb can last upwards of 50,000 hours. Most smart bulbs have a yearly life-span of about 8-years, but that can change based on use. 
  • Increased Security: With motion-detection, programmable features, and more, smart lights offer an increased sense of security that incandescent bulbs simply can’t. These features can be useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting options.
  • Fun Settings: And of course, there are a variety of fun settings with smart lights. Many can change colors, they can strobe light, they can do all kinds of fun things. This makes them great for kids rooms or for gathering areas. 

Are smart lights worth it? We think so! Smart lighting is a great investment just like a steel garage door is a great investment. In either case, you are getting a quality piece instrument that will also offer an increased sense of security. There are so many possibilities with smart lighting. To learn more about these bulbs, contact 7 Smart Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do smart lights last?
    • Smart lights can last anywhere between 15,000 and 25,000 hours. You can break it down like this: if a smart light bulb with a 15,000 life-span is on for 5-hours a day, it will last about 8-years. 
  • What are the best smart lights?
    • For the best smart lights on the market, contact your local security and automation company. 7 Smart Security offers a variety of some of the best smart lights and services. 
  • Do smart lights burn out?
    • Yes, a smart light bulb will burn out just like a typical light bulb. However, because of the way it is manufactured, a smart light will still last significantly longer than a typical or traditional light bulb. 
  • Do smart light bulbs use more electricity?
    • No, they don’t use more electricity than a regular bulb. These bulbs typically use electricity and energy more efficiently than regular bulbs, however, even smart lights are guilty of using electricity even when they are turned off. But so do traditional bulbs, so it’s hard to say which is worse. 
  • Do smart lights waste energy?
    • These bulbs actually require less energy to produce the same amount of light that a typical bulb would. So no, smart lights do not waste energy. In fact, they usually use energy more efficiently.
Choosing Smart Lighting

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