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Do you want more than your average home security? While you are away from home, anything can happen. Stay in the know about your home’s alerts and events with home automation in North Little Rock, AR and the surrounding area. 7 Smart Security offers homeowners automation services from Alarm.Com, the best in the business. Our systems and technology is the best the market has to offer, meaning you get unparalleled quality and protection with each system. All aspects of your home automation, including your home security, is easily accessible through your secure home alarm app. While you are at work, have peace of mind knowing your home is locked and secure. Schedule your lights and appliances to work when you need them to. With complete access, emPower systems from Alarm.Com and 7 Smart Security truly puts your home in the palm of your hand. Let’s get started today. Give us a call at 501-860-6767 for home automation in Littler Rock, AR. 

Smart Home Automation Solutions

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When selecting home automation services, you want to make sure they are the best fit for your lifestyle and give you a variety of options. 7 Smart Security understand this, which is why we offer the most comprehensive home automation and security services in North Little Rock, AR. Our security experts review all available options for you, listening to your needs and concerns. We only advise you of the best choices for your specifications and never pressure you into a system you do not need. With home automation, schedule daily tasks and check on your system while away. Every aspect of your home’s functions from energy usage to security is at the tip of your fingers. 7 Smart Security provides quick installation and easy to use services such as:

  • Home Energy Monitoring Control your lights, appliances and more using home energy monitoring and home automation. This system allows you to check the amount of energy your home is using and schedule functions while you are away.
  • Smart Garage Door Opener Never worry if your garage door is shut or locked again. The smart garage door opener works with your home automation app to give you access to shut and lock your garage remotely.
  • Smart Lights Turn your lights off or on with a tap of your phone with smart lights. Schedule your lights to come on in the evening to deter burglars!
  • Smart Thermostat Using your phone, you can adjust your home’s temperature for true comfort. Smart Thermostats interacts with you allowing you to control your heating and cooling system.
  • Water Sensors Protect your home from water damage by staying alerted to water issues! These water sensors monitor for freezing temperatures, cracked pipes and flooding in your home.

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You deserve the best system for your home automation. That is why 7 Smart Security exclusively connects you with Alarm.Com emPower systems. These state of the art home automation packages give you the best security and automation for an affordable price. Get started on your home automation in North Little Rock, AR and the surrounding area today. Our security representatives are always available to get started with you on your home security needs. We will listen to you and fit your plan to your concerns and budget. 7 Smart Security gives you high quality home security and top-notch service every time. Call 7 Smart Security at 501-860-6767 today for your home automation!