Smart Lighting & Appliances

Amazon Echo on a Shelf

Smart Home Automation is available with Voice Controls too!

Looking for simple and affordable smart lighting and appliances in North Little Rock, AR or surrounding area? You needn’t look any further. A smart outlet for lights and appliances allow you to create a group of lights by either room or activity and control them from any phone or tablet. Are you worried about forgetting and leaving the lights on in a hurry? We got you covered.  Our smart lights features can help. You can view your connected lights from the app and switch them off instantly, should you forget.

Smart Lights

Thanks to our smart lights features you can:

  • Schedule lights to turn on in the evenings as it gets dark
  • Set lights to turn on when a motion sensor is triggered
  • Automate lights to turn off when the alarm has been armed

Do you want your lighting work for you and your schedule? Not a problem. Simply set up times and triggers to turn the lights on or off around your schedule. The smart lights and wall outlets makes everything easier.


Much like our smart lights features, our smart outlet adds smart automation capabilities to home appliances so that you can better control daily activities.  How about that coffee pot? Don’t worry if you are in a hurry and rushing out the door. You can schedule a time for the coffee pot to turn on in the mornings and off when you are heading out the door. You can also schedule the TV and speakers to shut off at a convenient time for you every night. The smart outlet for appliances will ensure your safety when it’s used with fire hazard items such as a hair straightener or a portable heater that often get left on by accident. Call us now at 501-860-6767 to get a smart outlet for your North Little Rock, AR home.