Smart Thermostats

Need a quality and easy to use smart thermostat in North Little Rock, AR for your home? 7 Smart Security offers you the best cutting-edge-technology thermometer to monitor the efficiency of your home, at an affordable price.

Smart thermostats have become a more popular way to conserve energy and reduce the monthly electric bill. With free apps from, you can take your security system with you even on the go. Using your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or another smart mobile device, you can connect to your home security system, control it, and even adjust the temperature. If you would like to include a smart thermostat with your home energy monitor system in [a ,call our team today at 501-860-6767 and speak to one of our security specialists!

Available Thermostats

emPower™ Energy Management includes:

  • Instant access and control of thermostats, and better management of your energy usage
  • Remote control of your lights, even from your cell phone on your way home
  • Unique lock access code options for neighbors or the dog walker

Our energy monitor is the most conclusive temperature control tool. It does all of the work for you! The auto-scheduling feature included, will set the temperature on its own at a gradual pace. This temperature feature is based on your habits and changes in settings. With the electricity monitor, the temperature will automatically be adjusted so that heating and air conditioning isn’t wasted when no one is home. You will have access to your smart thermostat from your phone so you can change the settings remotely whenever necessary.

Energy Savings with Home Automation

Control your lights and thermostats—all from easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. works wirelessly with your home security system to give you instant access to what’s happening when you’re not there. With, you can stay aware of all activity that occurs at your home, not just alarms.

To find out more about a smart thermostat in North Little Rock, AR call Extreme Energy today at 501-860-6767.