Moisture & Water Sensors

Do you need a well-equipped water sensor in North Little Rock, AR for your home? 7 Smart Security will provide you with a high-quality moisture detection device with home safety monitoring service, customized and designed to fit your security needs for your home.

Flooding Prevention

You always want to protect your home and your valuables against intruders and home sensors are great for that, but what about protection from unexpected water damage? A water detection sensor works not only to secure your safety and comfort but to provide protection against unforeseeable home accidents as well. It could be a busted pipe or a flooded room, a water detection sensor will detect moisture that might cause damage. The sensor will send a signal to the alarm monitoring center and will instantly contact homeowners. This protection system will ensure you have control any moisture in your home. Call us today at 501-860-6767 for information on a water sensor in North Little Rock, AR.

Lowered temperatures are usually a hazard for your home. If it gets below freezing, then there is a high probability of the water freezing inside the plumbing systems and causing a flood if a pipe happens to burst. If the temperature moves beneath a  safe level, you will be notified of the problem so as to prevent damage that could be done to your home and possessions.


A water detection sensor is a great preventative measure for your home and your belongings. Having a water alarm system installed would ensure that your home is protected from any potential damage caused by water leaks. Water damage can ruin your valuables and your floors. These sensors can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, or any area with access to a water line.

Take control of your home’s moisture level by installing a water detection sensor today. You can have control over the comfort and safety of your home with the help of 24/7 monitoring from the home alarm monitoring center. Call us today at  501-860-6767 to get a water sensor in North Little Rock, AR.