Door Alarm Sensors

Get window and door alarm sensors for your home in North Little Rock, AR!  At 7 Smart Security we know how important it is to keep the entry points of your home secured in order to prevent intruders. We also believe that protection is vital, which is why, when you sign up for a home security system from 7 Smart Security, monitored door and window alarms are installed along with your main security system. These sensors will detect when doors or windows have been opened. If they are opened when the alarm system is armed, 7 Smart Security will be notified that your home has been broken into. For assistance with a window or door alarm sensor in North Little Rock, AR call 501-860-6767 and talk to an 7 Smart Security representative today!

Window an Door Alarm Sensors

These wireless alarms are essential for the main entries into your home to ensure the security of your home. Door and window alarms link into your security system and trigger a chime sound that alerts you when a door or window has been opened while you are home.  In addition, you will receive a motion sensor that can be installed in a room with multiple windows or doors so you can secure the room with just one device. Always feel protected with our door and window alarms.

Door & Window Sensors Available

Better Security with 7 Smart Security

If you want to enjoy real security and peace-of-mind for yourself and your family, don’t settle for less. With 7 Smart Security, you can have a customized security system designed, installed and monitored by a leading security company located right here in our area. All at a price that is surprisingly affordable. So why compromise?

Every security package offered comes with a motion sensor to install in any room. Want to have an extra motion detector installed or add on a shock sensor? The home security plans we offer are fully customizable to suit you best. For more information about a door alarm sensor in North Little Rock, AR, or any other security equipment you wish to have installed in your home, contact our security specialists today at 501-860-6767.