Security Control Panels

Find a quality home security control panel tailored to your needs in North Little Rock, AR! At 7 Smart Security we believe that the control panel you get with your system is an essential part of your setup. It is used to control your alarm settings and customize them to your needs. Our controls panels are designed to make navigation easy to use and to make operation as simple as possible. For more information about a security control panel in North Little Rock, AR, call 501-860-6767.

Go Control! Control Panels

Our home security system control panels allow you to use the internet, smartphones, tablets, and many other web-enabled devices to control your home’s security system. It also allows you to check and receive necessary information from anywhere. It offers these features and more. This panel’s built-in Z-Wave radio permits numerous home automation functions such as HVAC, appliances, and lighting control. You can have complete control of your home’s security system anytime, anywhere!

Available Security Control Panels

Find out how these control panels from 7 Smart Security ensures safety and security with a simple and all encompassed home management system. Leading the home control future with:

  • Security
  • Energy Management
  • Remote Access
  • Smart Home Technology

With the cutting edge technology of our latest home security system control panel, you will have everything you could ever want and need in safety and security. Behold the power of a simple security control panel!


emPower™ by, is an automation and energy management solution rich with features. It allows you to have remote control and complete automation of the lights, appliances, thermostats and door locks in your home or place of business. Allow yourself to make smarter energy decisions at your convenience, with emPower. This home security system control can be integrated with your existing interactive security services. emPower also provides features to increase energy efficiency and more tranquility i just one complete system.

Would you like to conserve more energy or have more control and knowledge of the activity in your home or business? emPower is your solution. Get started with emPower today for greater security, convenience, control and well being. To find out more about a security control panel in North Little Rock, AR call 7 Smart Security today at 501-860-6767!