Smoke Detectors

Home at Night

Keep Your Home Protected Day and Night

Do you need state of the art smoke detectors to protect your home and family in North Little Rock, AR? 7 Smart Security will provide you with a customized security system designed for you and your home.

Equipping your home with fire alarms and smoke detectors is a great safety precaution in preventing fire damage to your home. 7 Smart Security offers smoke detectors as part of all current home security plans. Call 501-860-6767 to learn more about the home safety equipment and smoke detectors we offer in North Little Rock, AR.

Did you know that hundreds of homes are ruined by fires every year. Most of these fires could  have been prevented if fire and smoke detectors were properly installed all through the homes. When you connect fire safety monitoring through your our security service, you will be alerted if a smoke detector is defective or is in need of a new battery.

Protection For Your Home and Family

If you have working smoke detectors setup throughout the house, then the probability of a fire igniting and destroying your home is notably cut down. When smoke is detected, then the alarm in your home will sound. It will then alert the alarm monitoring center in the event of a fire and local firefighters need to be notified.

Smoke and Heat Sensor

Smoke and Heat Sensor

It doesn’t matter if you need security against fire, intrusion, medical emergencies or even a home invasion, our team at 7 Smart Security will design an all encompassed system that gives you and your family the protection and peace-of-mind you deserve.

Why not enjoy real security and peace-of-mind for you and your family? Why settle for less? With 7 Smart Security, you can be ensured a customized security system designed, installed and monitored by a leading security company located right here in our area. All at an affordable price.

Keep your home and family safe and protected from an unexpected fire. As the Boy Scout’s motto goes, “always be prepared.” Be ready for an emergency and protect yourself from a potential fire. For more about smoke detectors in North Little Rock, AR call 7 Smart Security today at 501-860-6767!