How do you know if your house is safe?

home with forgotten keys on front porch

How do burglars choose houses?

Security concerns are important for every homeowner. Keeping your home, your belongings, and most of all, your family, safe is important. Today, it seems there are home security companies are everywhere, each offering the best of the best in easing all your security concerns. 

In 2016, American homeowners lost over $15 billion dollars from eight million property crimes. How did those burglars choose that 8 million properties? Here are 3 ways that experts have learned  and where you need to have your security concerns focused: 

  1. Burglars look for easy break-ins. They survey neighborhoods and note the pattern of comings and goings, choosing the ones that are the most predictable. The more isolated or rural the house, the easier the break-in. They look for well-maintained houses, fancy cars, open windows, and unlocked doors. 
  2. Burglars are more likely to strike when it is the easiest time. They pay attention to the time of day you leave and return and strike during the time you’re gone. They work more during the summer and during the holidays. These are prime vacation time, and most homeowners are gone. They follow potential victim’s social media so they know when you’ll be gone. 
  3. Burglars’ easiest break in method are unlocked doors and windows. Full glass doors can be broken to reach the door handle. Window air condition units are pulled out for easy entrance and pet doors are an ideal entry. Tools of their trade include credit cards, crowbars, and bump or skeleton keys. 

How do you scare burglars away?

If security concerns are at the top of your “need to do” list and you’re not sure where to start, we have five words for your: Get a home security system. Yes, you can place a sign your yard for a deterrent, but it isn’t as powerful as a full security. 

When a burglar is breaking into a home and an alarm goes off, they run. When you have home security with cameras in place, you’ll be able to watch your home from anywhere with your mobile device. Other things you can ease your security concerns are: 

  • Install a metal or steel security door.
  • Lock your doors.
  • Don’t leave the pet door open when you’re not home.
  • Find a good place to hide a spare key that isn’t near the door. 
  • Put your valuables in a home security box and hide the security box. 
  • Routinely double-check all windows are locked.
  • Keep the garage doors locked.
  • Install motion-activated lights around your home and property.
  • With or without a dog, install a “Beware of Dog” sign.
  • Secure window air conditioner units. 
  • Avoid tall shrubs around your home.
  • Change the locks they day you move into a new home.

Extra precautions to take when you’re going to be out of town: 

  • Put various light through the house on timers.
  • Ask a family member or  friend to check your house regularly.
  • Have your mail held.
  • Keep your travel plans and photos off social media.

What is the best burglar deterrent?

What are the security measures?

If crime prevention is at the top of your to-do list, you’re not alone. One way to address security concerns is to  know what is the best way to discourage burglars. A few tips to help you get started: 

  1. A Home Security System: A comprehensive home security system is one of the best ways to keep your home safe and combining several security measures is even better.  A home security system can provide your home around-the-clock protection and connect your home to security experts.  
  2. Adopt A Dog: Some say a dog doesn’t do much in deterring a burglar, but others believe a loud barking dog is a sure way to scare off any potential burglar and ease your security concerns. 
  3. Family or Neighbor Checks: Living in a tight-knit community can give you nosey neighbors. Those nosey neighbors can make your personal security team. Nosey neighbors are the ones that will notice suspicious activity around the neighborhood and your home. 
  4. Secured Windows: Windows are a popular means of entry for burglars. Making sure your doors and windows are secured is one of the best ways to address security concerns. Install smart locks will take it a step further and provide you remote ability to lock and unlock your doors as needed. 
  5. Automated Motion Lights: Automated motion lights alert you and your neighbors that someone is outside your home. Motion lights draw attention and burglars don’t want attention. 
  6. A Doorbell Camera: Today’s technology gives us video doorbell cameras, taking the smart lock system a step further by allowing you to see who is at the door. at your front door through a tiny camera mounted in your doorbell. You will be able to view the video from anywhere. These doorbells alert you when there is motion, suspicious activity, and even scheduled items such as the dog walker arriving or your kids getting home from school.
  7. A Front Gate: Install a front gate that will add to your home’s aesthetics and provide a level of security. Burglars avoid things that can delay a get-a-way, like gates.  

What do you do if there is an intruder in your house?

A break-in is a traumatic, unnerving experience for anyone. With some preparation that addresses any security concerns can help prevent a break-in or home intrusion. However, should you find yourself in this position, here are some tips on how to handle that situation: 

  • Keep Calm: In this type of situation, your adrenaline will surge and your heart rate will race. Take deep breaths and keep calm. Unless you can do so without be detected, don’t grab a weapon.  
  • Determine an Escape: Consider a way out, doors, windows, fire escape, etc. 
  • Hide If Escaping Isn’t Possible: If there isn’t a safe way out, barricade yourself inside a bathroom, bedroom, closet. Locking the door and blocking it with furniture.  
  • Call 911: Call 911 while escaping or hiding, speaking clear and slow, but quietly.  
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Are home security is it worth it? 

The thought of your home being broke into is scary and uncomfortable. If you’re having security concerns, start looking into the security system. Until you have a security system in place, and after you have a security system, take the extra precautions we’ve discussed in this piece.  These precautions could be what stops your home from being invaded. Need help with home security in North Little Rock, AR? Call 501-860-6767 today.