How Does a Doorbell Camera Work?

Skybell Camera Doorbell

How does a doorbell camera work?

Are you expecting packages or wondering who just rang your doorbell? A doorbell camera allows you to find out. As a first step in home security, many people choose to install a doorbell camera to monitor the area around their front door. 

These cameras allow you to view live video of anyone whose outside your door. You don’t have to answer your door or peek through windows or peepholes to find out who’s outside. Most connect directly to your doorbell and can be monitored with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Many are equipped with audio systems that allow you to talk to the person at the door remotely with your phone or other device. Others have security options that allow you to unlock the door or interact with other security devices such as smart garage door openers.

One of the leading brands is the Skybell smart doorbell camera, and the professionals at 7 Smart Security can help you install the system and integrate with your other smart security devices. Find out more about how we can help you by calling 501-860-6767

Which doorbell camera is best?

While there are many doorbell cameras on the market today, 7 Smart Security partners with Skybell because we think they offer the best in all their features.

Among the other brands on the market, Ring brand video doorbells are also considered some of the best available. Why would you choose a Skybell product over Ring? Here are some features  of both that may help you decide between the two.

Skybell doorbell camera vs Ring

  • Both provide live monitoring 24/7.
  • Both are easy to install.
  • Neither require lengthy contracts.
  • Equipment is owned outright.
  • Both have remote apps allowing you to monitor activity from anywhere.
  • Skybell only has one product so far, but you can purchase two for the same price. Ring has several versions with different features.
  • Ring has a fully functional home security system, but Skybell easily integrates with your other devices.
  • Skybell has free video with video storage for up to 7 days. 

Do doorbell cameras need WiFi?

For a doorbell camera to work, most need a WiFi connection. Some cameras, however, will operate without WiFi or Internet connection, though you won’t be able to access the doorbell camera remotely for live streams or push notifications. Doorbell cameras with local SD card storage will save videos for playback later. Some cameras can also be connected to 4G LTE hotspots that allow for live streaming and pushback notices, although access can be limited by data usage.

Where to install doorbell camera

Doorbell camera installation is relatively easy. The cameras are either installed directly into the doorbell’s wiring or attached to the doorbell and run on battery. With the Skybell, you’ll have to attach it to your doorbell’s wiring after first removing the doorbell. You may need to drill holes to mount the mounting plate into the wall. Once the camera is attached to the wiring and mounted, all you need to do is download it and set it up. If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, give our team a call at 501-860-6767.

While most people who come to your door are not there to harm you or your property, with a doorbell camera you can also catch people taking packages from your front porch. Sometimes these “porch pirates” are looking for something they can sell quickly so they can use the money to buy drugs. If law enforcement catches them with drugs on their person, they will go to jail and need drug possession bail to get out.

Doorbell camera for apartment

While homeowners should have no problems installing a doorbell camera, renters or apartment dwellers may not be able to install some cameras without risk of putting holes in walls that they could end up getting charged for. There are, however, peephole cameras that are placed over the door’s peepholes. These cameras require no screws to mount them, and offer most of the features regular cameras have. 

How much is the camera doorbell?

Doorbell cameras vary in price, depending on the brand, the model and features. A very basic doorbell camera costs around $40, while more sophisticated devices run anywhere between $99 and $500. Skybell cameras cost about $150.

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

While security cameras of all kinds are generally secure and can be hidden from view. That said, there are apps available to download for your cell phone that can detect even the tiniest of pinhole cameras. While you may not want people to detect your security cameras, such apps can be useful if you want to protect your personal privacy. 

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Doorbell camera near me

If you are looking for a quality doorbell camera in North Little Rock, AR, you can get help from the security experts at 7 Smart Security. We can help you install your camera and integrate it with other security devices around your home, so you’ll have a complete security system. Find out more by calling 501-860-6767. We specialize in Skybell smart doorbell cameras.