No More Accidental Alarms: Smart Security Apps

Woman with a Smart Alarm App

Make Sure to Download a Smart Alarm Next Time You Forget the Deactivation Code!

Have you ever come back home late at night and forgotten to reset the alarm? It’s an embarrassment that no one forgets, especially if your neighbors call the police. Thankfully, a smart alarm app can help you avoid the hassle of accidental alarms.

Smart Phone Alarm Deactivation

It’s easy to forget the little things, such as the alarm deactivation code, after a long trip or a night on the town. Thankfully, you can now deactivate your home security alarm with one of many smart phone alarm apps, like the Phone App. With a push of a button, you won’t have to worry about waking up your family or the neighbors.

Managing Alarms Away from the House

If you’re at the office or your local supermarket when a trusted friend or family member arrives, you can deactivate the alarm for them with your smart phone. Some applications will let you watch through door bell video or your home’s camera system. Make sure you find an application that works with all your home’s security applications.

Lights, Security Camera, Action

Managing your home from a security app can be fun! Smart technology now allows you to interact with your HVAC system, your indoor and outdoor lights, and your electric appliances. This is particularly useful for lowering your air conditioning and electric bills if you forget to turn off your HVAC system and lights. Try using a smart application to program your power usage while you’re away from home.

Which smart alarm tool do you think you’ll enjoy the most? What’s the worst story you’ve heard of accidental alarms? For more information about smart alarm applications or questions about general home security, talk to our team at 501-860-6767