The Danger of Carbon Monoxide In The Home

carbon monoxide

Keep an Eye out for These Signs of a Possible Carbon Monoxide Leak!

A toxic gas, Carbon monoxide, or CO, can harm you and your loved ones, initially presenting as symptoms of an illness before becoming fatal. This information is scary, and you may wonder what you can do to protect your loved ones from this poison. As a homeowner, you can add a carbon monoxide detector to your home. These systems can alert you and your family to the presence of CO, allowing you to leave the home and contact the proper authority to handle the situation. Knowing the signs of a possible leak can also benefit you, as knowing what to look for can help you make the best judgment call for your residence.

Signs of a Carbon Monoxide Leak

  • Your Pilot Light Goes Out: Is the light for your water heater or your stove going out? This could be your system telling you there is a build up fo Carbon Monoxide in your home. Have a technician come out to inspect your line when possible to determine this.
  • Look Out For Any Symptoms: Carbon Monoxide build up doesn’t just affect your home’s functionality but can affect your health as well. Knowing the possible symptoms can better help you discover the issue. If your family is beginning to experience a headache, nausea, weakness in muscles or any other symptoms, leave the home and have them checked out by your doctor.
  • Condensation On Your Windows: Carbon monoxide can present itself through humidity and condensation on your windows and surfaces in the home. Before you worry, have your home inspected as there are many possible causes of condensation that could also occur.
  • Odd Smells Indoors: Have you come home and noticed your home smells stale? Stale air or a burning smell is just a couple of possible smells that CO can produce in the home.

Adding a carbon monoxide detector to your home security can help in early detection and prevention of health hazards.¬†7 Smart Security offers you quality systems for your home’s protection in North Little Rock, AR. Give us a call today at 501-860-6767 for your security needs.