What Does a Smart Garage Door Opener Do?

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Benefit From Modern Technology

A smart garage door opener is a great way to incorporate security into your home with ease in functionality with system control in the palm of your hand! The “smart” connotation represents it’s intended connected to smartphones and other devices with technological functions such as with tablets and computers. Smart home technologies don’t just end here, they also have options for thermostats, speakers, lights and more. With security, there are doorbell options, video cameras, locks, and garage openers. These smart home technologies have steadily been incorporated into homes where modernity and ease of control can be enjoyed, you can ultimately create schedules and controls all at once on your phone other devices. You can also track the activity of use with real-time update of text or email. Ultimately, a smart garage door opener can be useful if you’d like to have more functions onto your basic system. Before you make the leap, learn some more background information an history regarding smart garage door openers.

How do garage door openers work?

Let’s take a step back away from the technological implications of a smart garage door opener and strip it down to the basic functions of a garage door opener by itself. A typical garage door will have a radio transmitter functionality that will operate at 315 MHz and it’ll send a signal to a radio receiver that’s built inside the opener. The relay of the motor will then start running once it hears the signal from a transmitter. In the past, garage door openers could be opened by any nearby remote due to it acting more like an average radio transmitter and receiver system. This understandably created issues in security as your door would open when you did not want it too. This problem has since been remedied with unique binary numbers incorporated into each system. In order to prevent a burglar from hearing the code and simply replaying it back, modern garage door openers transmit a new signal or code each time it’s used. This signal switch function is done in a chip in both the radio receiver and transmitter.

What is a smart garage door?

A smart garage door is an additional system that uses your existing garage door opener but allows you to have added control through an app on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Can you program a garage door opener to your phone?

Yes, a garage door opener can be controlled by your phone as long as you incorporate a smart garage door opener that can connect with your phone.

Is there an app that will open my garage door?

If you have a smart home garage opener it’s meant to be controlled by an app that can be downloaded onto your device.

What is the best smart garage door opener?

Smart garage door openers come in different makeup and can function differently based on their manufacturer. Based on testing the functions of various smart garage door openers the best overall unit is Chamberlain MyQ-G0301. This smart garage door opener can be used by most people as it’s compatible with most garage doors. It’s easy and quick to install with simple set up and use. It can also be set up with a camera if you’d like to have a smart garage door opener with video accessibility.

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The Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

  • Uses Less Electricity
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
  • Monitor Household Activity
  • Different Model Options
  • Easy Accessibility & Control

Are smart garage door openers safe?

Smart door garage openers are safe to use in that they are controlled by you and at your discretion.

Can smart garage door openers be hacked?

A typical garage door can be hacked even without smart technology as is seen with systems that use a fixed code. With a smart garage door opener, you’ll be able to have added system functionalities and motoring that can alert you if any suspicious activity is being made. This will allow you to take immediate action in case a burglary or another attempt is being made on your home.

Is a smart garage door opener worth it?

A smart garage door opener may be worth it for your depending on your security preferences. If you’re fine with basic capabilities a standard garage door may be fine for you. If you’d like to add security through monitoring and camera additions than it can be a useful technology to incorporate. As with any new technology be sure to do your research to see if it’s right for your home or lifestyle. Ultimately it may be best to rely on home inspection services to better get a feel of your home systems in order to correctly implement home automation into your home!

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