What is cellular alarm monitoring?

cellular alarm monitoring

How does cellular alarm monitoring work?

When looking for ways to protect their homes, homeowners are always trying to stay a comfortable step ahead of those that desire to trespass into a person’s property. Being the modern age, home defense has plenty of options for the casual person that goes further than what was available as little as ten years ago. One option available to you is cellular alarm monitoring, which not only is an improvement to the old system but also can revolutionize many aspects of your home so as to better protect all that you hold dear. 

As it stands now, cellular alarm monitoring works through a cellular channel that is made through encryptions and layers of security. As it stands now, the system offers a way to monitor the status of each system connected to the correlating signal through their phone. The devices included can be:

  • Locks
  • Garage doors
  • Alarms
  • Cameras
  • Windows
  • Lights

As well as any other system you can connect to through your phone. When connected, the homeowner would then be able to activate or switch the product. Examples of that would be if a door was unlocked and had the correct lock, it could be locked remotely. Another instance would be if you see strange activity inside your own home or at your doorstep, at the press of a button you can set off the alarm and call the police department. For more information on cellular alarm monitoring or how it can benefit you, why not trust a quality company to install it when living in North Little Rock, AR. Call 7 Smart Security through our number at 501-860-6767 today to schedule an appointment. 

How do Alarm Systems Communicate?

The days of looking at manuals to see what is wrong with your alarm system are over with the modern alarm system. Especially with cellular alarm monitoring, homeowners have easy access to what is going on with their system and how they communicate. Typically, many systems like Ring cameras and some security systems use the home’s WiFi system to communicate while connecting to a system you can access when your phone is not connected to WiFi.

Furthermore, some systems are also wired through your home’s system, connecting to a central system or access point within your home when wireless communication is unavailable. Through your phone or access point, you can see each detail in your security system if it is a united system. For example, when it is through a screen inside your home, you can tell if one system like the window locks are not responding or will not activate with the rest of the system. At the same time, you can also look at the status of each through your phone or the other point. The system generally has a way of notifying you when something is not responding or doesn’t work through notifications or visibly depicting the section.

This system of communication works similarly to the system of the past, but at a more advanced level. Each aspect of your security system sends signals to a central point and responds to it as well as you. This is thereby how a system communicates with you by giving you a play by play of events when something is activated in your security.

How do I connect my phone to my security system?

The method of connection depends largely on what kind of system you have. Normally, we would suggest speaking directly to one of our representatives for this part because in older systems you would need to add devices in order for your phone to receive updates from your home security system. However, as mentioned before there are some that connect directly to your WiFi to operate. These should have a method in which you can connect and command them through your phone. When trying to work with systems like that, pay special attention to the manual and feel free to ask about our services for help. 

One of the largest and arguably most important improvements cellular alarm monitoring has over older systems is the lack of dependency on phone lines. Studies have shown that one out of five burglars committing a robbery or a crime including theft will cut phone lines. Older security systems depended on phone lines to send out a signal to the local police department while also giving a person inside a way to call for help. With the advent of cellular phones as well as wireless home systems, phone lines can be cut, but have no effect on the security system or your ability to call for help.

What is a cellular backup for Alarm System?

The improvements in modern security do not just stop at phasing out landlines. Your phone uses cellular data as well as WiFi to communicate with other devices. Fortunately, so can many devices that protect your home when the need arises. So when for whatever reason your WiFi loses accessibility or shuts off, your systems can still guard your home and communicate through a cellular connection. While the functions may have their limitations in this regard, it offers a means of continuing full security until a solution is found to restore what had been lost. 

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